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How To: Treat Your Skin Right!

The other day I needed some new makeup, so I decided to make a quick run to the mall to pickup my favorite Clinique foundation. When I got to the mall I saw that Lancôme was having free gift, so I decided to get Lancôme makeup instead, because really who wouldn’t pass up a bunch of free makeup? I was having issues with my skin and asked the makeup consultant for some advice. I had recently been breaking out on my forehead and my makeup was not staying on for the long and busy days I was having. The makeup consultant gave me some great tips, and although I spent over $100 on products, my skin is doing better than ever! So now it is your lucky day because I am going to share some of the helpful hints with you so you can start to treat your skin right!

Step one: Know your skin type!

Different face washes and makeup products work better on certain skin types. Skin types you may have are oily skin, dry skin, combination skin (combination of dry and oily), sensitive skin, and normal skin. There are quizzes online that you can take to know your skin type, or ask a makeup consultant at a mall. Once you know your skin type you’re off to a great start!

Step two: Get the right face wash!

Now that you know your skin type you are able to get the face wash that works best for you. Here are my recommendations:

Dry Skin: Cetaphil Cleanser
Oily Skin: Clinique wash-away gel cleanser
Combination Skin: Boscia purifying cleansing gel
Sensitive Skin: Olay foaming face wash, sensitive skin
Normal Skin: Purpose gentle cleansing wash

Step three: Find the perfect face lotion

It is important to get the right type of lotion for your skin. It is important to find a lotion that will not clog your pores. Here are my recommendations:

Dry Skin: Cetaphil daily moisturizer
Oily Skin: Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer
Combination Skin: Biore Duel fusion with SPF 30
Sensitive Skin: Aveeno ultra-calming daily moisturizer
Normal Skin: Olay moisturizer

Step four: Purchase other fabulous products!

There are a couple more products that will be helpful in making your skin flawlessly perfect! All of these products should be purchased from a high-end makeup brand like Clinique or Lancôme for the best results.

Toner: Toner balances your skin complexion and gets rid of dead skin cells right after you cleanse. It gets rid of red spots and really gets into pores to get rid of any other makeup that may have been left on after cleansing. Toner is great because it gives your face a fresh feel and it makes your makeup look smooth and even once you apply it.

Primer: Basically, a good primer is going to make your make up last longer. It is going to give you that fresh and flawless look all day. I love what my makeup looks like right when I put it on, but when I look in the mirror two hours later, it is horrendous. Now that I have been using primer, I am able to have the “I just put my makeup on look” all day.

Step five: Evening rituals

What I recommend you do every night before you go to bed.
Wash your face thoroughly with the face wash that best matches your skin type.
Put toner on a cotton ball. Start at your forehead and do a downward motion with the cotton ball. Keep repeating until your whole face has been wiped down with toner.
Apply a decent amount of moisturizer to your face.

Step six: Morning rituals

What I recommend you do every morning before you start your day:
Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 from above, in that order.
Take a pea size amount of primer and apply it evenly to your face.
Wait one minute after applying the primer, and start applying your makeup.

I hope this How To guide has either motivated you to start taking care of your face, or helped you in the process of taking care of your face. If you get into routine of doing all of this, your skin is going to be very pleased and your face will be flawless in no time.  

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