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How to Make the Perfect Gift Basket

Baskets are the perfect gift during this season of giving!

Do you ever feel stumped when it comes to giving gifts? I am often in the same boat! Gift giving was an ongoing struggle for me until I stumbled upon gift baskets on Pinterest. It was so fascinating to see the large variety of gift baskets and how they can cater to anyone! Since I discovered them, whenever I need to give a gift to someone, I follow my basic gift basket guideline and alter it more towards the person I am giving it to. I’m going to share my steps with you so you can have these ideas in the back of your mind whenever you need a gift idea!

1. Establish who the gift is for 

Even though gift baskets are pretty basic and you can gift them to anyone, you still have to recognize who you are giving the basket to. Keep in mind their likes and dislikes or maybe even inside jokes you might have with the person! This will help you determine things they enjoy and will make personalizing their basket easier.

2. Prioritize the occasion or theme of the basket (if it has one) 

Sometimes it’s cute to establish a theme for gift baskets. For example, you can be as specific as making a hot chocolate-making basket that includes all the necessary ingredients and items to make a warm mug of hot chocolate. You can also choose to give a general winter basket including hot chocolate and other things like a thrown blanket, candle, and hand warmers! You might even consider putting things of all the same color in the basket. Get creative!

3. Find the types of items you want to include 

No matter what gift basket theme you stick with, I think it’s essential to have a statement item in the basket to highlight the theme and create a grander look. Some of my favorite statement items are throw blankets, mugs, or a big bag of chocolates. The other objects of the gift basket mainly depend on the size of the basket. The rest of the basket is usually little objects to fill up space in the basket. Some examples of these are candy bars, little lotions or lip balms, other stocking-stuffer sized knick-knacks. 

4. Putting it all together

This is my favorite part and also the most important! No matter what or how much you’ve filled the basket, presentation is key! You can use literally any basket for this part; it can be inexpensive and fit your theme. To make the basket look fuller, add gift bag tissue paper to elevate the items in the basket. Next, arrange the items in the basket and secure them using a little bit of tape. After this, you can decide to put a bow or ribbon on it and gift it, or you can take an extra step to cover the entire basket with clear gift wrap and tie it with a bow/ribbon at the top. This presentation is sure to make a statement! 

Now that you’ve read through this basic guide to making a perfect gift basket, I’m sure you’d be able to impress anyone with your gift-giving skills! The holiday season is coming up soon, so it’s good to start thinking about what gifts to give. Remember that the simple steps to making this perfect gift basket are to use any basket, add a couple of items (make sure to add varying size items), fill the base with something to elevate the items, and decorate it in any way you like! At the end of the day, it’s the thought that matters when giving! 

Hareem Rauf

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I'm a freshman at UW Madison studying Life Sciences Communication.
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