How Switching From Coffee to Tea Changed My Life

If you’re like me, your morning cup of coffee is your “on” button and the only thing that could possibly motivate you to crawl out of bed and hike up Bascom Hill for your dreaded 8:50 a.m. class. There’s nothing quite like those first few sips of coffee on a (predictably) cold Wisconsin morning, so why on earth should we give that up? After dealing with a few uncomfortable side effects of coffee for a good six years of my life, I decided to see what life would be like without our dear friend jo’, and here’s why you should, too.

I often consider coffee one of my best friends, but it is simultaneously one of my worst enemies, especially when it comes to talking to anyone remotely near me after indulging in my morning cup. If you drink coffee you are no stranger to coffee breath and if you think it tastes bad, it smells even worse. The science behind it? Coffee contains a large amount of sulfur that can be broken down into “bad-breath bacteria.” Yum… not. Tea, on the other hand, contains polyphenols (a complicated way of saying, chemical compounds) that prohibit the growth of this “bad-breath bacteria”. Picture Thor or The Hulk smashing its way through bacteria, that’s what tea does.

Let’s just say my 8:50 a.m. discussion group was a lot happier to work with me after I made the switch.

  One of my morning “snacks” often paired with my coffee is Tums, and it’s not because I like how they taste. Many people, myself included experience heartburn and indigestion after drinking coffee. This is due to coffee’s acidic nature which often causes heartburn, bloating and indigestion. Trust me when I say this is not stuff you want to experience during a 400 person lecture. Many types of tea, herbal in particular, have been found to limit indigestion and acid reflux, sometimes relieving these uncomfortable symptoms. It’s not a magic cure, but it can reduce those uneasy morning feelings without sacrificing your caffeine fix. Much to my bank account’s relief, I won’t be purchasing the Costco size bottles of Tums anymore! 

Am I saying you should cut coffee out completely? No, because there are mornings when you slept on your friend’s futon in your clothes from last night with your makeup still on and you just flat out deserve a full-fat vanilla latte with extra whip. However, after one month coffee free I am a less bloated, peppy woman with wonderful morning breath (seriously, ask my roommate). Tea comes in all forms, flavors and colors. Some of my favorites are Guayaki Yerba Mate Iced Tea, Yogi Tea Green Tea and Celestial Honey Vanilla Chamomile. So simply saying you “don’t like tea” isn’t an excuse anymore. Try switching your cold brew to chamomile or latte and see how you feel!