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How to Layer Up Without Dressing Down

The inevitable is in progress. Our once wonderfully warm September temperatures have started their seasonal descent toward Midwestern chill. With that, it’s time to pack away your denim shorts, stylish summer tops, and — for me at least — the general effort to try to appear presentable every day. But can you blame me? The low temperatures make my surplus of soft sweatshirts oh-so-much-more enticing than usual and my desire to stay warm ultimately trumps my efforts to not look like a garbage bag every day. However, I’ve decided that this is the year we fight back against our annual lows and with these fit-for-freezing fashion tips in our artillery, it’s bound to be a victorious battle.

Layer with a Mock Neck 

Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. The Mock neck. I’m fully aware that’s the slogan for Covergirl, but I also found it to applicable to one of my favorite frigid fashion staples, mock neck long sleeve. First, the mock neck is so easy. You can either wear the long sleeve mock neck as a stand-alone piece or simply layer it under a graphic tee, tank top, sweater, or sweatshirt to add dimension to any basic fit. Second, it’s perfect for the breezy weather as it provides another layer of armor to protect you from the crisp climate. Third, with so many options in pattern and color to choose from, you’re bound to have a resulting beautiful look!

Throw on a Sherpa Jacket 

Also referred to as “the poopy jacket,” this layering piece has swept the style scene, and for good reason. This versatile layering piece is perfect for bundling up to walk to class, gearing up for game day, or simply lounging on a lazy Sunday with a hot cocoa in hand. This cozy coat comes in a multitude of colors and patterns — not to mention you don’t have to break the bank to get one, as they can be found on sites like Zaful for under $30. The Sherpa’s fuzzy, teddy-bear-like material adds just the right amount of texture to any flat ‘fit and is most definitely a snowy weather staple that will keep you warm and still looking fashionable.

Strap on Some Ankle Socks

There are many things that bring me joy in life, and a good pair of socks is quite high on that list. But when I say, “a good pair of socks,” never am I ever talking about those no-show socks that are bound to slip off your heel. I’m talking about some nice, high socks that wouldn’t dare expose your ankle to the wintry windchill. These socks can be worn under some classic white tennis shoes or paired perfectly with a pair of cute boots. Whether fuzzy or wool, printed or plain, showing off some rockin’ socks stylizes your shoes while also keeping your toes toasty.

Pop on a Colorful Puffy Jacket 

Aren’t you tired of the sidewalks being stuffed with what seems like the same long, black parka as the temperatures descend below freezing? Look no further than the puffy jacket to alleviate this homogeneity. For a timeless look, you can go for a black or tan puffy jacket that will go with just about any outfit — or, if you’re feeling fashion-forward, you can go for a stand-out colorful coat. This jacket will keep you comfortable in the cold while also amping up your outerwear collection, making it a must-have for this fall into winter season.

So, keep your sweatpants folded, hoodies hung and athleisure at bay because this cold season, the sidewalk is our catwalk.

Courtney Loth

Wisconsin '23

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