How The Law of Attraction Can Change Your Life in 3 Easy Steps

Everyone has goals. Some of us have seemingly unattainable goals like marrying Zac Efron or traveling the world. Others of us pursue smaller goals: starting a family, getting fit or finally cleaning out that closet we've been hoarding junk in for years. But the difference between an achievable goal and an unachievable goal is not the goal itself; it’s your attitude. You can reach any goal you set - no promises on becoming an Efron - if you believe in the Law of Attraction. 

The beauty of the Law of Attraction comes from its simplicity. The more you actively visualize and acknowledge your goal, the more you will naturally move toward it. I promise the universe is on your side and willing to provide you with anything your heart could possibly desire. Your acceptance to grad school and your soulmate are waiting for you... if you believe they are. 

You can call me crazy! Go ahead. But The Law of Attraction worked for me, and it will work for you. Here's how. 

1. Introspection

Success with the Law of Attraction begins with genuine introspection. Spend time getting to know yourself and attempt to discover what you truly desire. What are you working towards? What kind of person are you working toward becoming? Make self-love a priority, and, in doing so, you will instinctively  motivate yourself to be the best version of you that you can be. After all, you attract the energy you put out, and you will reap the rewards of investing in yourself. 


2. Belief

The key to the Law of Attraction is belief. If you want your dreams to come true, then you have to believe that you are worthy of reaching those dreams! Then, you must cultivate confidence in the control that you hold over your life. You get to choose your attitude each morning, the people you invite into your life and the ways that you spend your time. Take control and believe in yourself and the possibilities in the universe. 


3. Awareness

Most importantly, the Law of Attraction only works if you are consistently conscious of your goals. Write down your goals in a planner or journal, put post-it notes on your desk or mirror, or do what I did: go all out and make a vision board! Whatever you do, make sure that you create a physical copy of your innermost dreams. By making your goals tangible, you hold yourself accountable for taking actions that will bring you closer to your dreams. 


I have wanted to find an internship for about a year now. Yet, somehow the idea kept slipping my mind. I found it so overwhelming to even think about finding an internship because I never oriented my actions toward finding one. Rather, it was an unattainable, stressful, "maybe someday" goal. This past summer, I finally made a vision board! I wrote "internship" on my board, and within two weeks I was approached with an opportunity for a research position in the exact department I want to major in. It simply fell into my lap when I least expected it. This is how the Law works, time and time again! 

Do you believe me yet? You can change your life in these three easy steps. Say your dream is to someday own a home on the beach in California. Seems daunting, right? Wrong. Believe in the possibility of your dream coming true and trust that the universe has more power than you could ever know. If you constantly remind yourself of what you're working towards, buying a home, you will naturally move toward it. You will seek out opportunities that bring you closer to that goal. Maybe, with your goal in mind, you will apply to graduate schools in California or buy books about investing money and budgeting wisely. But you will never buy that house if you don't take control of your life. Spend your time and energy pursuing your goals, and believe me... they are possible!