How To Have the Perfect Interview

It’s interview season! It’s a time of both nerves and excitement, but here’s to making sure it’s positive regardless. Having an interview is much more than the time you’re speaking with the company in-person or over the phone. An interview includes an in-depth prepping process, hyping yourself up, owning the interview and ending the experience in a great follow up.


Prepping for an interview is your time to become as educated on the company as possible. It’s the time to ensure that this is the right employer for you. The position should speak to you, and the company core values should be something you can see yourself working by. Doing the research aids in solidifying your qualifications, creating strong questions and getting even more excited for the possibility than you were before.


Before the interview, design your resume your way. Make it yours. Have a unique and specific cover letter. Consider having a personal site with your brand, passions and elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a 30-second monologue of who you are, where you want to go, what you like to do and your qualifications. If you had 30 seconds to talk with someone in an elevator about your story, what would you say? This is a time to be creative in displaying who you are to your potential future employer. They are looking for people who stand out and are genuinely themselves.

Now it’s time for the interview. Consider emailing who you scheduled the interview with 24 hours in advance to confirm. It may be stressful to get ready for an interview — deciding what you should wear, what to bring with you, how you’re going to deliver your elevator pitch and how you’re going to make your passion known. But, an interview is the time to show yourself off. Be confident in what you wear, in your past experiences, your abilities and your passions. It will translate into your conversation.


Bring something with you, whether that be an electronic version or tangible materials to showcase work that you’re proud of. Have another copy of your resume handy, just in case. When asked a question, don’t be afraid to have some silence before you answer. Carefully consider if your answer is okay; employers will appreciate a thoughtful response.


With the interview said and done, make sure to follow up with the company. It is another example of how interested you are. Send a thank you email or card the same day. Follow up with the company within a week to maybe bring up something talked about in the interview or to just reiterate your interest and how you enjoyed speaking with the interviewer.

Overall, confidence, uniqueness and passion are the main components in owning your interview. You’re capable of good work. You can contribute to any company you wish. Make a connection with a company, and go for it. They will feel that connection too, and it’s going to be a good fit. Everything happens for a reason; the company and position you are meant for will come. You’re strong and perfect for your future. Go show them.