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How to “Get Hot” by Spring Break

Spring Break will soon be upon us, and that means some of us will be traveling to warm places and relaxing on the beach somewhere. After the long winter months, it’s easy to feel “blah” when it comes to your body. The more you find yourself Googling how to get your ideal body overnight, the more you feel as if everything were falling apart. Luckily, ALL of us can be hot this spring break— if we just accept ourselves and realize we are all beautiful. So, why not start your journey to loving yourself now?


Be nice to yourself.

Have flaws? We all do, but you can choose to focus on what you do like about yourself.

Life is too short to waste time on hating your body. It’s unneccessary. 

Work out only if it makes you feel better! Even if you miss a day at the gym, you’re still great.

Remember that you’re more than just your body.

Surrounding yourself with positive influences can be helpful. Asking for help if you need it is never a bad thing.

Despite the importance of others, loving yourself is an extremely personal experience. Put yourself first if you need to.

Radiate confidence even if you’re a little self-conscious. Stand tall.

Know that it can be a long process. After everything, it will be worth it.


At the end of the day, it’s your life. Live it how you want to live it, and try not to let others stop you. We hope you can walk confidently this Spring Break.

Chloe Billstrom

Wisconsin '20

A junior studying Sociology, Spanish, and Global Health who also has a love for writing and languages.
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