The Hottest Fashion Bloggers You Need to be Following on Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you love nothing more than to glimpse into the lives of your favorite fashion gurus.  This is exactly why every girl you know loves Instagram; because it affords us the ability to stalk, and maybe even harass (if that’s what you’re about), these style goddesses.

These bloggers are masterminds at tackling the latest and greatest fashion trends, and even better at starting the new ones.  From a blogger with the most envious head of hair to a woman who flies all over the world on a weekly basis, here are my top fashion bloggers to follow:

1.     Negin Mirsalehi // @neginmirsalehi

With undoubtedly the best set of locks known to womankind, Negin Mirsalehi has a wardrobe that is equally as envious.  From the cold New York weather, where she makes a leather jacket look like a million bucks, to her excursions in the heat of Dubai wearing nothing but a crop top over a bathing suit, Negin is  pure perfection.  She adds a boho, relaxed vibe to her feminine style.  My obsession cannot be put into words so check her out for yourself!

2.     Arielle Noa Nachmani // @somethingnavy

Having the best shoe collection in New York City is a difficult feat, but Arielle takes the prize hands down.  With a body as equally hot as her wardrobe, Arielle slays every outfit she wears.  From the extravagant furs, to the simple jeans and a tee, Arielle truly can rock anything she puts on.  If you’re like me and secretly want to be her, your first step is rocking her signature pose with one leg in front of the other.

3.     Aimee Song // @songofstyle

Wishing I could pull off a single outfit Aimee Song wears would be the understatement of a lifetime.  Aimee has the coolest street style, and always looks effortlessly put together.  Her style can be characterized as a boho rocker, always pairing the right prints and setting new trends.  If I could have one person’s wardrobe, it would definitely be hers.

4.     Danielle Bernstein // @weworewhat

Our very own Badger (kind of, I think she dropped out), Danielle Bernstein could rock a garbage bag.  She makes anything look good!  Once a student at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, Danielle has truly made a name for herself in the world of fashion.  With a retro rocker vibe to her outfits, she is definitely your go to cool city girl. 

5.     Chiara Ferragni // @theblondesalad

From Paris to New York to LA and back again, Chiara is always traveling the world exploring and showcasing her fashion.  Chiara collaborates with some of the top Fashion Houses, and has been named one of the most influential personalities in the international fashion world.  Chiara is fun and different and is not afraid to take fashion risks.  Maybe if I meet her, I’ll squeeze myself into her suitcase. 

Now all of you take out your phones to follow these inspiring fashionistas.   Just try not to punch your phone in envy!