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Her Campus Wisconsin and Hanging With The Hamiltons: Event Recap

Olympians Becca and Matt Hamilton visited the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus on November 1st as part of Her Campus Wisconsin’s philanthropy event to raise money for the Special Olympics. They shared stories about how being siblings have affected their curling game, going to the Olympics, and persevering through life’s challenges.

As children, Matt started competing on a curling team and pressured his little sister Becca into joining a curling team as well. The pressure paid off as both Matt and Becca became top competitors in the sport. The pair competed in Doubles Curling in the 2018 Olympics and said that being siblings gave them an edge against their opponents. 

While both Becca and Matt have been successful in their sport, things are not always easy for them. A bad case of nerves can make even the best athletes have a bad competitive day, but at the Olympics, a bad day is not an option when competing for gold. However, one of Matt’s favorite pieces of advice is “If you mess one thing up, fall back on your other strengths to make a come back.” Becca says that the key to dealing with pressure is to trust yourself and know that you are ready for all opportunities that lie ahead.

Currently, the pair is working together to bring more awareness and support to the sport of curling. When asked about the next generation of curlers, Becca says “We make an effort to give back to the sport because everything it’s given to us.” The future of the sport lies with kids who are competing now, so it is so important to give support to those competing.

Competing in the Olympics has given Matt and Becca a new perspective on what it means to be part of a team — especially Team USA. The opening ceremony of the Olympic games was a moment both felt extreme pride for the United States and all the other athletes competing. Becca says that her favorite Olympic sports to watch are whenever fellow American athletes are competing.

With the help of the Hamilton siblings, Her Campus Wisconsin has raised over $250 so far to help Special Olympics. You can donate through Facebook by clicking here.

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Rachel is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is double majoring in political science and economics, and hopes to attend law school after her bachelors degree. Her passions include reading, drinking coffee, and dog-watching!
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