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Hail to the Return of Peach Green Tea Lemonade

Hey Badgers, it’s finally spring, and You know what that means! That’s right: the return of the peach green tea lemonades from Starbucks! 

Okay…maybe that isn’t what all of you were thinking, but it is what you should be thinking about.

 Peach Green Tea Lemonades are the perfect mixture of flavors. It is sweet and refreshing— it brings the classic iced tea and lemonade combination to a whole new level. Don’t just settle for normal iced tea, when you can get this.

A venti size (24oz) is less than 200 calories, so it’s definitely way less calories than your average summer drink. My advice is to get one of these delicious babies instead of a Frappuccino at your next visit to Starbucks.

So do summer the right way, and get your hands on this low-cal, super refreshing and flavorful iced drink!  Peach Green Tea Lemonades for President!

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