Guessing the plot from TikTok: Wandavision

**P.S. This article may or may not contain spoilers**

Wandavision, Wandavision, Wandavision. This new hit Marvel TV show on Disney+ has flooded every single one of the social media apps that I (addictively) rely on. The social media app that I see the most Wandavision-related content is TikTok. From my previous knowledge of the Marvel universe, and since I spend a shockingly sad amount of time scrolling through TikTok--five hours to be exact--I feel that I have a decent grasp on what the show is about. Thus, without seeing any episodes of Wandavision, here is my depiction of what the plot entails. As a warning, I do not truly know what I am talking about, so I hope you enjoy reading about my ignorance.

Disney plus on tv on stand showing disney plus Photo by Marques Kaspbrak from Unsplash

Wandavision focuses primarily on two characters in the Marvel Universe: the Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Maximoff, and Vision, an android. They fell in love with each other across the multiple Marvel movies. However, this love died when Thanos directly killed Vision and indirectly killed Wanda. Thanos murdered Vision by ripping Vision’s Mind Stone from his forehead while Wanda was a part of Thanos’s legendary snap that disintegrated half of the human race in Avengers: Infinity War. Since Wanda and the other half of the human race were revived in Avengers: End Game, I assumed that Vision would also return. The Wandavision TikToks tell a different, weirder story. 


From the various memes I have seen, I believe that after Tony Stark’s funeral, Wanda stole Vision’s lifeless, robotic body out of grief to create a bubble of reality. If that is not the definition of true love, then I don’t know what is. In this bubble of reality, Wanda can control the “story” and setting around her. This story is set in a suburban neighborhood where Wanda, Vision, and their twin children, who she also created through her reality-warping powers, live. In this suburban neighborhood, Wandavision is shot like a 60’s family sitcom that even features odd commercials throughout the episodes. One commercial showed a kid stranded on a beach eating a specific yogurt product until he melts and decomposes in the sun. Not creepy at all, right?

retro TV Photo by Pexels from Pixabay

In Wanda’s reality bubble, she forced herself to forget about the recent, grief-filled past and convinced herself that this suburban life is real. However, throughout the show, the “actors” in this reality bubble break the fourth wall by looking directly at the camera. This little detail (that TikTok went wild about) conveys that the other characters in the bubble are sometimes briefly aware of the situation while Wanda is stuck in the mindset that “ignorance is bliss.”


The longer Wanda is in this reality bubble playing pretend, the weirder the show becomes. Since this bubble cannot remain a perfect state forever, reality can crack. Thus, I hypothesize that a break in the bubble caused the X-Men character, Quicksilver, to enter Wanda’s perfect world. This interaction of Marvel and X-Men characters was the first of its kind after the Disney-Fox merger. Before the merge, this seemed improbable since Fox owned X-Men and Disney owned Marvel and the two companies were obvious competitors. Fans bursted their blood vessels with excitement when Quicksilver knocked on Wanda’s suburban door. Since Quicksilver is a member of the X-Men and must have other superhero responsibilities, I believe he accidentally fell into Wanda’s shift in reality. In the bubble, my gut is telling me that Quicksilver forgot his past, similar to Wanda, and is playing as Wanda’s mailman or neighbor. My intuition may be extremely off, but I have to get it off my mind. In the end, I think Quicksilver is the key to break Wanda out of this self-inflicted jail. 


Recently, my TikTok feed has been overflowing with hate about this Wandavision character named Agatha. Apparently, the show even presents a catchy song called “It was Agatha All Along” that describes how Agatha not only ruins everything, but also should be blamed for everything. This might be crazy, but I am leaning towards the idea, maybe, that Agatha is the main villain in the show. I believe she terrorizes Wanda’s perfect world through mundane things like burning a birthday cake, stealing Wanda’s groceries, or kidnapping Wanda’s twins. I am just spit-balling here, so please correct me if I am wrong.

Marvel logo Photo by Elijah O'Donnell from Unsplash

In the end, I believe Wanda forces herself to break her reality bubble despite the fact that she can never see or interact with her soulmate, Vision, again just to escape the annoying Agatha. She completes this with the help of Quicksilver’s ability to move insanely fast. Do not ask me how, just trust me. Even though she’ll be heartbroken that she had to leave Vision behind, she is able to give him an amazing funeral that completely outshines and outperforms Tony Stark’s funeral. A perfect ending in my mind. 


Now that I wrote down my ideas for the world to see regarding what I think happens in Wandavision, I have to binge-watch the show to see where I went wrong. God, I hope I was at least 70% correct--a satisfactory grade in my eyes.