A Goodbye Letter to Winter



Dear Winter,


Goodbye, adios, see you next season! Finally, the warm weather is amongst us. The trees are blooming, and the people are coming out of hibernation. The campus is erupting with happy smiley faces, and the sun has come out to say hi. Winter, oh dear winter, you were here for so long, and your presence will not be missed.



I will not miss cautiously walking down the street, worried and waiting for black ice to knock me off my feet. I will not miss wearing three layers of clothes and still being cold outside due to the freezing wind. I will not miss dreading going out because I did not want to face the cold. Finally, I will not miss not being able to do activities outside due to the cold weather.



Winter, despite all your inconveniences and all your annoying qualities, I will admit that you do have some beautiful aspects. A couple of things I will miss about you is your beauty; waking up, looking out my window and seeing a natural winter wonderland is an image that can’t be matched. Winter, you gave me countless excuses to be lazy and stay in my warm bed, so for that I thank you. Your activities are also unrivaled: ice skating with friends and throwing snowballs at each other created countless unforgettable memories, and it's all because of you. Finally, winter, I admire your dedication to staying here for so long. However, now it's time for you to leave for a bit.



Ultimately, winter your time to say goodbye has come. You have brought us some of the best days, as well as some of the worst. We thank you for the best, and we say goodbye to you for the worst. We hope to see you again next season, but for now, we will enjoy the very much deserved warm weather and all the great things that come with it. With no hard feelings, I say goodbye for now.  



Someone who’s really excited for warmer weather