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Better late than never. Award season has begun, so I am happy. For a long time, I subscribed to the ideology that award shows are bad because it is just a bunch of Hollywood elites patting themselves on the back for an evening. And it is very much that, but now I don’t take as much analytical care to think that in depth about the programs anymore. It is a social gathering of mostly rich people giving themselves awards, but I love it. On the cusp of twenty years old, I realized I am quite partial to celebrity. And one thing that fame does is bring in money. And money brings in designer garments. So, from the opinion of a broke college student who normally sports leggings and a sweatshirt, here are my best dressed at the 2021 Golden Globes.

Audrey Grace Marshall wearing RED Valentino

It took me a little while to figure out that this actress was Kaley Cuoco’s young doppelganger from The Flight Attendant, but I admired her ensemble nonetheless. The intentionally wrinkled and loose fit of the dusty rose dress mixed with bright red ballet flats accentuates Marshall’s youth and plays on her rising status in the industry.

 Julia Garner wearing Prada

I’m not sure why I like this as much as I do. Normally with an extreme loose fit, the body gets sort of lost for me, but this is an exception due the absurd deep V neck line that centers the look. Though it doesn’t give many Prada vibes, it gives illusions to the 1920s flapper and the ancient Roman toga with a modern spin that is very well received by me.

Sarah Paulson wearing Prada

A PRADA CAST! Ryan Murphy’s Queen of Horror stepped out in a simple black midi number from Prada. The dress was pretty enough, as it fit well and had a fun plastic utility belt, but the cast is the stunner. With bright lilac feather-like sequins covering the injury on the actor’s forearm, Paulson flashes a perfect mix of fun and elegance. The statement of the cast makes it just campy enough that contrasts with the dignified LBD to make a very enjoyable look.  

Jo Ellen Pellman wearing Jonathan Cohen

I had never heard of Jonathan Cohen before snooping around about who was wearing what. However, now I am officially intrigued. This bow gown was so fun. It fits Pellman very nicely and creates interesting color blocking and mixing that plays on The Prom actor’s plucky spirit.

Viola Davis wearing Lavie by CK

Elizabeth Stewart has been styling the likes of Viola Davis, Amanda Seyfried, Rebel Wilson and Gal Gadot for some time now. This gown, styled by Stewart, comes from the brand Lavie by CK, founded by Claude Kameni who grew up in Cameroon. The brand focuses on fusing Kameni’s African roots with contemporary design trends. The exuberant colors of Davis’ gown take center stage and convey a message of pure joy.


Aside: We can all take notes from a picture that Viola posted herself shortly after the award show that features a mug that writes, “Pay black women for their labor instead of using them for diversity clout.”

Dan Levy wearing Valentino Couture

Given my undying love for Schitt’s Creek, I stay rooting for Dan Levy this awards season. I love all his previous appearances, notably the kilt-like pleated skirt from the Emmys. Levy loves some Thom Browne, so I was surprised, but not disappointed when he sported this Valentino look on Sunday. Headed by Pierpaolo Piccioli, Maison Valentino shines here in their Men’s Haute Couture with a muted chartreuse suit and matching sequined mock turtleneck. 

Rosamund Pike wearing Molly Goddard

If anyone wears Molly Goddard anywhere, I will practically love the look automatically. I am obsessed with the designer's classic over exaggerated tulle that has become a staple in fashion. Maybe It’s because I have always wanted to prance around in the eccentric tulle that makes it so high on this list, but nonetheless, Pike looked stunning.

Anya Taylor-Joy wearing Dior

In all her platinum blonde glory, dawned in deep shimmery emerald green, Anya Taylor-Joy took home a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Motion Picture for her work in The Queen’s Gambit. With large droopy sleeves and an off the shoulder matching coat moment, she matched the elegance of her dainty Tiffany Jewelry perfectly. Also, if Law Roach is a part of any design team, I will mostly be in favor of the look. Truthfully this could have been quite boring, but the styling and exaggerated coat definitely make this look gorgeous.

Cynthia Erivo wearing Valentino Couture

Cynthia Erivo almost always looks amazing to me. Aside from her immense and unshakeable talent, Erivo doesn’t fail to present something interesting. From the LA styling mogul, Jason Bolden, this lime green space-age gown is completed with petite Wempe jewelry and wrinkly tan leather gloves. It’s rigid structure limits movement outside of big swooping circles, constantly revealing the insanely high metallic silver platform pumps underneath. It fits Erivo’s body immensely and delivers formality and playfulness that works perfectly in the current fashion scene.

Emma Corrin wearing Miu Miu

Everything. That’s what it is. From the styling mind of Harry Lambert, widely known for styling Harry Styles since 2015, this lusciously structured dream of a gown has been on my mind since the show. Miu Miu’s built shoulders are having a moment in the public eye after Ella Emhoff’s jacket garnered vast praise at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. Corrin has adorned Miu Miu before and has seemingly become the hot new Miu Miu girl in a very short time, but this look was the winner for me. The acting newcomer has been brilliantly styled this whole promo season for The Crown, stunting in Paco Rabanne, Christopher Kane, and Loewe. Some looks were lost to COVID given the lack of in-person press campaigns, but Lambert shared files of the looks on Instagram, and it is a right shame that they never saw outside of the fitting room.

While it might not be a definitive list, this is where I am inclined to place the looks upon first viewing. Given how COVID has affected the film and TV industry this past year, I am not terribly interested in the content of most of these award shows, opposed to other years, so that shifts my focus solely on the fashion presented. I look forward to the rest of award season, hoping it will follow this same pattern of fun and enjoyment.

Hi y'all! I'm Charlotte and I'm a third-year Journalism and Strategic Communication student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This is my second year writing for Her Campus Wisconsin. When not writing, you can find me enjoying cheese boards, A24 films and cosmopolitans because Carrie Bradshaw taught me well.
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