Gift Ideas for Every Family Member

The snow has fallen in Wisconsin, Thanksgiving has passed and it’s almost time for Christmas. It may feel far away, but finals are approaching and coming up with presents in a crunch just adds unnecessary stress in your life. Everyone has that one family member that is impossible to shop for, so I’m here to give you some ideas for each family member.  

  1. 1. Dad

    I start with him because he’s typically the hardest to shop for. When I ask my dad what he wants, he usually responds, “I don’t need anything.” Dads can be easy because they typically enjoy the simpler things in life. For the golfer, a polo shirt or a hat is perfect. If your dad already has every hat from every golf course, Titleist and Black Clover sell quality baseball hats in any color you can think of. If your dad is more of the foodie, anything related to grilling is your best bet. Some special barbeque sauce, a personalized spatula or some flavored wood. If your dad is more the fishing or outdoors type, a YETI cup would be perfect. For the sports fan, two tickets to a professional sports game is a must. It’s easy to find cheap tickets using a student discount or look for a game where your team is playing a low-ranked team. All of these gifts are affordable and easy but also quality gifts your dad will appreciate. 

  2. 2. Mom

    Moms love gifts that come from the heart and that can make them really hard to shop for. I like to look at Kendra Scott for gifts for my mom. Their jewelry has great designs and won’t break the bank. Something different about Kendra Scott is their color bar. The color bar allows you to take most of their pieces of jewelry and choose what gems you want in the necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring. One year for Christmas, I got my mom a bracelet and customized the two gems to be both of our birthstones. If you have siblings, you could do a bracelet or necklace with all your birthstones or stick to just yours and your moms. Francesca’s also has a great gift section with endless options. They have a lot of cute items with nice quotes. Your mom will love you no matter what you get her, just make sure it’s meaningful.

  3. 3. Sister

    Sisters can be pretty easy because a lot of the time they’re into the same things that you are. If you’re looking to surprise your sister with something different, go for concert tickets. This is something fun you can do together and if she lives in a different city, she could go with a friend. A spa day, fitness class or a nice item of clothing would also be something she isn’t expecting. The goal is to get them something that they wouldn’t pay for themselves. 

  4. 4. Brother

    The easiest solution for a brother is a video game, but if you’re looking to mix it up this year get them something they would never ask for. Boys never buy themselves nice clothes. They would wear the same T-shirt everyday if you let them. Get your brother a nice, stylish outfit that will help him get that job or that girl. Another thing boys never buy for themselves is skincare items. It seems weird to them or they don’t understand the importance of it. Find your brother a nice facemask, lotion or cream that they can use. It may seem odd but boys don’t typically wear makeup so a little skincare can go a long way. Surprise your brother this year with something he would never pick out himself. 

No matter how many people you have in your family, it can seem intimidating to pick out presents for everyone. This guide gives you a lot of different options for every type of person in your family. Surprise them this year and get them something they didn’t even know they wanted. Skip the stress this holiday season and shop early. Good luck!