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There are lots of reasons to keep track of the trends covering the runways at London Fashion Week.  Our friends from across the pond have given us plenty of fashion inspiration; from icons like the impeccable Victoria Beckham to edgy Cara Delevigne and the classy, elegant style of Kate Middleton.  Here is a look at some of the best of LFW that will likely take the U.S. by storm.

Much of British charm comes from their names for things, for example, calling sneakers “trainers.”  This sporty trend could certainly train us in the art of meshing comfort and looking good.  Cute, colorful sneakers would look great paired with a neutral ensemble, but the look doesn’t have to stop with shoes.  A comfy pant from Aerie called The Jogger makes athletic wear look sporty chic.  Every college girl understands the struggle of finding a balance between wanting to look and feel good, and this trend does the trick.

The blanket coat brings all the warmth and comfort we crave during the colder months without comprising your look.  Say goodbye to your boring beige cardigans and baggy sweatshirts, this look is basically a Snuggie you can wear out in public.  While the look is a little overwhelming on the runway, a totally cute and affordable version can be found at Asos.

Another amazing outwear choice for that chilly-but-not-cold weather is the denim jacket we all know and love, except with a twist.  Jourdan Dunn rocked this piece on the Burberry catwalks at LFW, in many cute, new ways.  This is one trend that’s all about the details, ranging from an acid-wash lavender color to a sea green collar.  The greatest part is that these jackets are cropped short, which makes it perfect for pairing with a high-waist skirt.

Obviously, the LWF was a catwalk of color, but the beauty of this trend is the way it can transform the most mundane ensembles we all wear as our go-to outfit.  Here, we have a traditional little black dress, but with an edgier cut and a bursting rainbow pattern.  It’s perfect for a night out when you want to do something different, but make sure to keep the rest of the outfit neutral.  Let the dress do the talking!

This one is thrown in for fun, but this year’s LFW was more tech-savvy than ever.  Top designers were seated in the front rows watching the show through Google Glass, and Apple announced, at a very opportune time, the launch of their watches.  Although these accessories insanely expensive, the takeaway is that nerdy is IN, so now is the time to rock your hipster glasses or invest in a timeless watch to go with everything.  As the worlds of fashion and technology begin to merge, make sure you get a head start on this trend.

London Fashion Week proved to be another success, and its looks will be spotted all over the world.  The fashion is extremely wearable and easy to incorporate into your own wardrobe.  These are styles that won’t come and go, since they are all twists on looks that have been around forever.  However, every classic look needs an upgrade every once in a while to remain fresh, and it is true… Brits just do it better. 


Michelle Motyl is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison double majoring in Biology and Journalism. Her role models include Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy and Giuliana Rancic of E! News. Michelle believes her big city hometown of Chicago is second-to-none, and can be heard sharing random thoughts on her Twitter @MeeshtheKeesh. In her spare time, she enjoys reading the newest YA romance novels while sipping on skinny vanilla lattes, believing that the best men you will meet in life are those you find in books, not bars.
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