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Get Creative with Your Couple’s Costume


It’s everyone’s favorite time of year here in Madison, and now’s the time to start planning for this year’s outrageous Halloween costume. Every couple wants to do something different with their Halloween get-up, but in a sea of costumes it’s hard to stand out.

This year, stray away from the classics and go for creative. Here are five original and quirky Halloween couples costumes that will make you and your guy the talk of the town.


1. The Double D

This fun and funky costume will certainly guarantee that all eyes will be on you and your man. Just make sure you don’t get separated, or that will raise some interesting questions on your Halloween attire.


2. Christian and Ana

Get a little edgy this Halloween with Fifty Shades of Grey inspired costume. If your boyfriend’s unsure about the idea, tell him he can boss you around for the evening- not only will he most likely be on board, but it will definitely take the costume to another level.


3. Koala Bear and Tree

If you want to rock a creative couple’s costume but are looking to keep it simple, the koala bear and tree is the way to go. This costume is simple and adorable, and as an added bonus, if your feet get tired from walking all around Freakfest, you have an excuse to get a piggyback ride from your boyfriend- it’s just part of the costume!


4. Candy Crush

You can put the treat in “Trick or Treat” this Halloween with a costume inspired by today’s most popular game app. Your friends will really appreciate this costume, since Tiffi and Mr. Toffee aren’t complete unless they have a bag of candy.


5. Booty Call

This play on words costume gives a fun, sassy vibe to the couple’s costume. Ladies, this costume is also a two-in-one: if you and your boyfriend happen to get separated, you’ll pull off a great Nicki Minaj.


When deciding what to wear for Halloween, it’s important to remember that the best costumes aren’t always the scariest, the sexiest, or the most complicated- they’re the ones people remember. So no matter what you and your beau decide to wear, make sure it’s something they will never forget. 

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