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Freshman First: 3 Must-Know Tips for Surviving Halloween

There has been non-stop talks about Halloween weekend in Madison ever since fall rolled around. Everyone around you have been talking about their overwhelming excitement for the weekend and for costumes they just can’t wait to wear; you heard at your first residence house meeting that it will be the only weekend you’re not allowed to have guests. After hearing all of the hype for this weekend as a clueless freshman, you start to panic and not know what to expect. But don’t worry — we are all in the same boat. Follow these three pro tips to make the best out of your first Halloweekend experience in your favorite city, Madison!


1. Check the weather

The weather is always fluctuating here, so you never know what the weather will be like. Halloweekend in Madison entails a lot of outside time because the excessive number of people roaming the streets will take you forever to get to places. Because you’re going to be dressed up in a costume, see what you can add to your outfit to correspond with the weather. If it’s going to rain, don’t paint your entire face just to have it be melted by the pouring rain that you have to stand in. Being comfortable is one of the most important things you have to do to enjoy yourself. You don’t want to be miserable just because you’re shivering or sweating. Plan ahead and avoid the potential of a costume failure!


2. Go with a group of friends

It’s incredibly easy to get lose when there are thousands and thousands of people roaming on State Street. There will be an overwhelming amount of people around; so if you don’t want to feel uncomfortable, go with a group of friends! Being with people you know will help take away some of the anxieties associated with this weekend. You will feel so much more comfortable with the crowd when you’re with your friends. Plus, now you have an automatic go-to if you need something. Everything is so much better with your gals and pals anyways, right? If you don’t want to roam the crowd-infested streets for hours, make sure you go with a group of friends. Don’t ruin your weekend!


3. Pay attention to what you are doing and drinking

You’re still testing and learning your limits as a freshman, so it can become very easy to get out of control. Eat a good breakfast and drink water throughout the day. Count your drinks and know what you’re getting yourself into. Think of Halloweekend like a three-day party — you don’t not want to be miserable because of how hungover you are, nor do you want to have no memory of what happened the night before. Pace yourself! Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings, too. With so many people around you, you never know who you could be standing next to. Never feel uncomfortable walking away from a situation that you don’t feel right about. Trust me, your instinct is usually right. Make sure you don’t carry very valuable things with you, since you probably won’t be paying much attention to those things. Bring only the things that you need to get you through the day. You don’t want to ruin your night by not because you can’t get back in your dorm room because you dropped your keys somewhere on the streets. Being responsible will not only help you avoid many regrets, it can also make your weekend a success. Take care of yourself!


Follow these three tips for an amazing first Halloweekend in Madison. Don’t let an avoidable incident ruin these three special days. Grab your girls, figure out your costumes and get ready for a weekend that you will never forget! Prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime.

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