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Five Reasons to Only Watch Reality TV with Friends

Every girl loves a good reality TV show, but there is one thing that makes watching reality TV significantly better: watching it with your best friends! There’s nothing quite like hanging out with the homies and letting all the drama unfold (on the television, that is). Here are five reasons you should never watch reality TV without your girlfriends.

1. The side conversations.

On commercial breaks, you and your friends can either talk about all the gossip unfolding onscreen or about the gossip unfolding offscreen in your own lives.

2. Getting to watch the villain of the show together.

It’s always more fun to watch the villain of the show do their thing with friends because you can all agree on how awful they are together.

3. Critiquing the outfits together.

On shows like The Bachelor or Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the outfits are extravagant and expensive. Talking about which looks you like best is way better when you have multiple opinions.

4. Loving the same characters.

It’s pretty black-and-white on most reality TV shows. The only way frowned-upon characters are liked is if they redeem themselves. Sharing the same favorite characters with your friends is the best because when they do something hilarious or empowering you can enjoy it together.

5. It adds to the jaw-dropping moments.When something dramatic and shocking happens, the best part is when your jaws drop at the same time. It makes it way more dramatic when you can share it with someone else.

It’s hard to know what’s coming next on reality TV, but being surprised with friends makes it even more exciting!

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