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Five Closet Staples for Your Quarantine

Sometimes, wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident can make all the difference. Despite the dreary circumstance of being stuck at home for an unprecedented amount of time, splurging on some cute clothes is one of the best cures for the quarantine blues. Here are my top five must-have pieces for your quarantine wardrobe!

Workout wear

Athleisure has been one of the most popular fashion trends in recent years due to its comfy yet flattering aesthetic. During quarantine, donning some leggings or workout tops in fun colors and prints can assist in making your Chloe Ting ab challenge a little less brutal. Even if you don’t plan on working out, athletic clothing is the perfect loungewear to make you at least ~feel~ productive while just hanging around at home all day.

Fun sweats

You’ve seen them all over Instagram—tie-dyed sweats, pastel sweats, star-covered sweats… they’re everywhere, and rightfully so. A cozy pair of sweatpants is definitely part of the quintessential quarantine fit because they’re soft, high waisted and can still be cute. If you feel creative enough, you can even try DIY-ing a pair of your own!

Casual dresses

As it gets warmer, your sweats may not feel like the most viable option for your hourly walk around the neighborhood. I love throwing on a flowy, simple dress for a super easy yet stylish outfit. A casual dress makes a great quarantine staple piece because it’s comfortable and easy to move in, but it will also make you seem really put together for your WFH zoom meeting. Casual dresses also look adorable when paired with a plain-colored t-shirt underneath for a softer look.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories have always been my favorite pieces to pull together an outfit. While you may not feel inclined to wear your most glamorous look for your parents or roommates, adding on a cute knotted headband or a scrunchie hair scarf can add a little flair to your everyday sweater and jeans. These hair accessories are the perfect touch to a boring look while allowing you to channel your inner Blair Waldorf.


Let’s be honest, if you’re wearing an underwire bra at all times during quarantine, you’re kinda doing something wrong here. Bralettes are ridiculously comfy, yet still add support and look super pretty. They can also pair really well under a chunky sweater or baggy t-shirt for a subtle touch of flirtiness when you’re facetiming your boo.

Although you may not always feel the desire to dress up while being at home, wearing a cute outfit just for yourself is a great way to feel better and to be more productive. These pieces are sure to keep you comfy while also looking stylish!

Nicole Herzog

Wisconsin '23

Nicole is a junior majoring in journalism with a double track in Reporting and Strategic Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is additionally obtaining certificates in Digital Studies and Art History. Nicole is passionate about feminism, art, fashion, and most importantly, Harry Styles. Follow her on instagram @nicoleherzog!
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