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The Fitbit Phenomenon

Working out and staying motivated is hard enough, but a little competition to motivate a healthy lifestyle is all part of the new trend on campus: Fitbits. Getting those steps in and beating your friends is now a lifestyle. With a variety of styles and features, Fitbits have taken campus by storm and urged students to keep track of their fitness progress. After exploring multiple Fitbit options, two of the most popular and college-friendly styles are the Fitbit Alta and the Fitbit Blaze.

The Fitbit Alta starts out at $129.95 and has a wide array of features that make it one of the hottest commodities. The Alta comes in purple, blue, teal, black, grey and red with a changeable wrist band. The Alta not only tracks steps and calories but also tracks sleep and active minutes. It syncs to your cell phone and displays text alerts and caller ID for phone calls. For the affordable price, the Alta is perfect for college students looking for a simple and accurate way to measure their activity.

Another great option for college students is the Fitbit Blaze. Starting at $199.95, the Blaze is slightly pricier than the Alta but comes with more features. The Blaze additionally displays the number of floors climbed and continuous heart rate. It also has Music control and can track multi-sport activity. Like the Alta, the Blaze has an interchangeable wrist band that comes in different colors. The Blaze has a square screen that is significantly larger than that of the Alta and resembles more of a watch than a sleek looking bracelet. Students looking for a more in depth Fitbit experience should explore the Blaze.


For college students, a main issue is typically price. For this reason, the Alta is more affordable and still has a variety of features that are just as valuable as the features of the Blaze. With a sleeker look, the Alta is a great accessory that works when walking to class but still looks great with any outfit on a night out with friends. The Alta fits the college lifestyle and gives you just enough motivation to take that study break and get those steps done!

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