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Fall Fashion Ideas for Badgers

Fall is just around the corner. And among the many great things that come alongside the season— haunted houses, apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, etc.— the best part of it all is perhaps fall fashion. There are so many different clothing options to choose from as the weather gets cooler each day.

1. The Classic Flannel

You can’t go wrong with this basic essential because it looks great with everything! Rock your inner lumberjack with this comfy and cozy trend.

2. The Ankle Booties

 Fall is the perfect time to put away your summer sandals. Bring out your favorite booties, as they can be paired with any type of outfit. It’s a staple of the season.

3. Maroon

Make a statement by rocking the most popular color of the season. This color looks great in every form— show it off by rocking either a maroon mani or a pair of maroon tights.

4. Boot socks

Who knew it would be “in” to see your socks under your boots? Show off your cutest socks by wearing them under your favorite knee-high boots. Plus, they will keep your toes warm— what a bonus!

5. Turtlenecks

Fall 2016 is all about throwing back to old styles you are nostalgic for. Not only do turtlenecks keep you cozy, they also make outfits look a little bit more polished.

6. Chokers

Chokers are back and better than ever! This trend has been off and on starting as early as the French Revolution, but really became popular during the nineties. Finally, this trend is back! These necklaces are a great piece of bold statement jewelry that will make you really stand out, as well as bring out your inner fashionista.

7. Rain boots

Every college student needs to invest in a good pair of rain boots. Worried that you won’t find a pair you like? Don’t sweat over it! They come in so many colors and patterns, you’ll find at least a pair that you like in no time.

8. Army Green Trench Coats

You’d think fall weather is now inevitable. But as we all know that it’s impossible to predict the weather here in Wisconsin. But fear you not, a good trench coat will be your life save. It’s  perfect for walking to classes and going out at night. It’s versatile, trendy, and weatherproof.

9. Half-zips

Let’s be honest, most people in college care only about comfort. That said, the best way to stay warm and look cute is probably a spin on the classic sweatshirt: a half-zip.

10. Badger Clothes

Last but certainly not least, on days you can’t decide what to wear, go for the ultimate option— Badger gear. Badger sweatshirts are perfect for showing off your school spirit. What’s better, it takes virtually zero effort to get yourself dressed in them. Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings and some combat boots, and you’re all set.

We hope our list our fun mix of fall fashion must-haves inspires you to try some of them as you transition your wardrobe to include warmer pieces and layers. Say hello to autumn, everyone!

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