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A Definitive Ranking of Fall Scented Candles

Remember the crazy candle lady from Wisconsin who ranted about candles for a solid five minute YouTube video?  She wanted the Iced Gingerbread and Candy Apple candles, but Jen from Appleton denied to trade her for her two Peach Bellini candles.  In an “expletive” filled rant where the claws came out, Angela told the world not to get in the way of a lady and her candles.

I’m not saying that was me, but I understand where she was coming from.  I am the type of person who can’t pass a candle without stopping to smell it.  Because I have indeed smelled all of these candles (and did get glared at by the worker for doing so), I am now qualified to give the definitive ranking of them for your benefit.

8. Sugar and Spice 

With a donut on the label, I assumed that this candle would smell like walking past Greenbush.  I was wrong.  It was too sweet and I can only imagine how strongly it would smell when lit.  Would not recommend.

7. Harvest

First of all, incredibly disappointed this one just didn’t smell like squash and corn, because that’s honestly what I was expecting.  Instead, it smelled like a spice cabinet. 

6. Cranberry Twist

This candle smells exactly like that jelly cranberry that comes in a can which was too weird for me.  Nothing should ever smell like that weird canned jelly cranberry stuff.

5.  Autumn Leaves 

Unlike the real autumn leaves which have a nice, earthy smell, the candle version smells very fruity.  This experience made me realize that most candles just smell like fruit.

4. Spiced Pumpkin 

To all the PSL lovers out there, buy this candle and light it year round to enjoy the sweet smell of pumpkin spice when you are going through PSL withdrawal. 

3. Crisp Morning Air 

The candle version of Crisp Morning Air smells nothing like a morning walk to Humanities for your 8 a.m.  It smells like fruit, spices, and flowers which is much better than bus exhaust and whatever they are spraying onto the concrete on Humanities. 

2. Autumn in the Park

Following the fruit trend, the candle version of Autumn in the Park smelled like apples and something I couldn’t quite place.  Either way, Autumn in the Park deserves its second place spot on this list.  Despite being very vague, Autumn in the Park reminded me exactly of walking on Bascom Hill in the fall (minus the being out of breath part).

1. Macintosh

I swear we have had the same Macintosh scented candle in my house for at least 5 years and I am convinced that it will be passed down to generations to come.  That’s because Macintosh is clearly the best fall scented candle and no one wants to waste it on just any old day!  This candle is special!  This candle smells like apple-scented heaven and is our family heirloom and it should be yours too.

Next time you need to get a hostess gift or birthday gift in the fall, definitely buy someone a candle.  It could become their family’s most prized possession, especially if it is fall-scented.

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