Dear New Year's Resolution Gym-Goers

It happens every January like clockwork; hordes of people flooding into the gym with their new workout gear and resolutions to exercise in the new year. Yet, as many of us know, most of these people only last until January 31st , much to the joy of the year-round “regulars” at the gym.

I wouldn’t consider myself a regular at the SERF, but my roommate is, and all through the month of January she complains about her daily struggle with the New Year’s resolution gym-goers. All the equipment is taken, they don’t clean it after they use it or are on their phones in between reps, and they take much longer than those who are there year round. At least she has the consolation that at the end of every month the newcomers will be gone, but then what did they even gain from giving up on their resolution?

Why, every year, are all of us so inclined to change our physical attributes? Although people can see the physical change if you truly dedicate yourself to a new year’s resolution of spending the year dedicated to fitness, I wish we would all focus on an inner change and self-improvement. I think that in light of all that’s going on in the world around us, there are much more powerful (and possibly easier to commit to) changes we can make. Eat healthy (because 75% of weight loss is from diet anyways, not exercise), dedicate yourself to a cause, volunteer or focus on improving your understanding of who you are. There are so many options that will make you feel better inside and will leave a more lasting impression than your summer body will.

So starting now, and for next New Year’s, let’s focus on changing something that will better ourselves or better the world around us. You can still try to go to the gym, but prioritize a different change that will do more than just improve your outer appearance. And if you’re one of the rare few who actually succeed this year in dedicating yourself to the gym, all the more power to you.