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Daily Snapchat Stories You’re Bound to See

Snapchat has become an essential for our generation today. You can always catch someone slyly taking a selfie in public and there will always be a snapchat story uploaded, no matter the day. Within those numerous snapchat stories, I guarantee you will see these reoccurring images.

Food—Whether it is a weekday or the weekend, you can always count on seeing someone’s perfectly picture-displayed meal within your snapchat stories.

The “Sing-a-long” Snap—Usually a video of people passionately singing along to an iTunes top 100 song or anything Taylor Swift.

Netflix—You can be sure to see a perfectly positioned computer screen with the most popular Netflix show, only making snuggling up with your favorite show sound that much more tempting.

Geotag of the day!—Once snapchat created Geotags, you could find them anywhere, from dorm names, to states, to special holiday captions. Geotags took over the snapchat story feed!

The “Weekend” Snapchat—When it comes to the weekend (and this often includes Thursday’s) there will always be snapchat stories of people out having what looks like “the best night ever.” However, a lot of these stories will likely end up being deleted the next morning.

The Cutest Pet Photo Ever Taken—Snapchat is FILLED with pet snapchat stories; from funny dog pictures to perfectly posed pets, you can always find a furry face.

The Selfie—Of course, the selfie will always be present in snapchat stories, whether it’s a solo picture or a selfie with friends in the background, the selfie snapchat is the most timeless of them all and is a guaranteed sight in Snapchat stories.


Ahh..Minnesota fans…

Regardless of how pointless some Snapchat stories may be, and despite the fact we know it is a waste of time to go through them all, we still watch them, we still enjoy them, and fortunately they will be gone in the next twenty four hours. 

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