Christmas 2018 Gift Guide for Best Friends and Roommates

Christmas is right around the corner; do you know what you’re getting everybody yet? I’m guessing no since you’re reading this, and, well, I don’t either. The hunt for the perfect gift doesn’t have to be hard, and this gift guide is just what you need to either take ideas from or inspire your own thoughts. Sometimes the person that is hardest to find a gift for is your own best friend who you feel you know just as well as you know yourself! Your best friend is someone who is always there when you need her, and she deserves more than just a gift card for Christmas this year. 



Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works are bound to have some good holiday deals on their candles, and they make a great gift because they are cozy, warm and make the apartment smell amazing. 

Be extra: Make this into a gift set with matching lotion and hand sanitizer scents. 


Fuzzy/Cabin Socks

 Comfort is key from head to toes, especially because I like to get into my comfy clothes right after class. Fuzzy socks are perfect for the winter time when you need to walk across campus in the Wisconsin blizzards. 

Be extra: Turn a pair of socks into a cozy winter pack of everything warm with hot cocoa, a throw blanket, wine (which can go with everything on this list), and even heated slippers.


Tile Key Finder

We all have that one friend that is constantly losing things, from her wallet to her keys. It’s a good thing that there’s Tile for that! 

Shop here.


Drink More Water Water Bottle 

Shop here or get the bottle that lights up 

2018 was a year for wellness and will likely continue into 2019. Get your bestie a water bottle to remind her to stay hydrated!


Fun Books

Fun books or coffee table books are a perfect gift for the bookworms of your friend group. There are even books with pictures of funny cats for those who don’t care for reading novels. Here’s a couple of my favorites:


Tumbler Cups

These cups are guaranteed to keep your bestie’s drink cold without having to add ice cubes. Buy the pictured tumbler here, or check out Zak or Yeti and their cute tumbler cups. 

Be Extra: Add a bottle of wine with this gift (if that wasn’t already a given). 


Yoga Mat

Gaiam, Lululemon, and Manduka are all great brands to consider if your yogi best friend is in need of a new or better mat. 

Be extra: Add no-slip yoga socks, a yoga towel or even one of the Namaste in Bed pillows. 


Throw Blanket

A girl can never have too many throw blankets!



Putting the time and effort to collect and showcase the memories and times spent together will mean a lot to your bestie. 


Gift Basket Inspiration! 



Treat yo’ self. Self-care has been such a big trend lately, and everyone loves to splurge on themselves every once and a while but not enough times. Help your bestie out and get everything she needs to relax. Add face masks, bath bombs, hair masks and a lavender candle. 


Cozy Basket

If just a throw blanket isn’t enough, make a whole basket of comfort items for your bestie! 


Movie Night

 Nights spent in can be just as much fun as nights out. Use this gift together and have a movie marathon this winter break! 


Baking Basket

Most of us are just starting out living on our own and don’t necessarily have all the kitchen supplies we may want. Make it into a fun baking basket with the essentials and anything you noted she was missing the last time you cooked/baked. 


Study Care Package 

Exchanging gifts before winter break? Hello Finals Season, this could potentially be a much-needed gift as your bestie goes through her exams. 


You can take ideas here on this list, or maybe this list has sparked some of your own ideas. The gift does not have to be super “extra” for them to love it; the fact that it is coming from you will be more than enough. Have fun and remember that this season is not about the gifts given but spending times with those you care about and enjoying the happy holiday season.