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From Childhood Games To Drinking Games

Getting tired of the same old pregames Thursday after Thursday? Sitting on the floor in a circle sipping shots and nibbling on pretzels may get a little boring, and most certainly not put you in the right mindset to go out. Although, there is always the alternative- having an unruly 50 person pregame, there is also a new route that you may choose to follow for your next pregame.

Start digging in the back of your toy chests ladies, because believe or not those addicting childhood games that consumed your elementary experience are now about to become rated R.

Catch Phrase

The ultimate game of thinking on your feet. For those unfamiliar, Catch Phrase is a game in which there are two teams and a small electronic console is passed around from team member to team member. The console has a word on it that forces you to describe this word to your team without explicitly saying it, under a time limit. Obviously, when the timer runs out, you lose. As fun as that was when we were 10 years old, it can be even better as a college student. Every time that timer buzzes, the team holding the device must take a shot before restarting the round. These two-minute rounds will start to be the reason you lethargically reach for the Advil on Friday morning. 


With the parameters of this game, this idea may be slightly dangerous. Scattergories has each person think of a list of 10 words within a given category that correspond to a chosen letter. However, at the end of time, if any two people have the same word written down, no points are allotted. At first thought, it sounds plausible to take a shot every time a word is repeated, however, after getting the hang of the game, you will soon realize that there aren’t as many words out there as you thought. Therefore, it is best to start out your night drinking per repeated answer and as the words on your sheet get blurrier and your handwriting looks that of caveman, you should consider only drinking if you are the loser of the round. 


Bananagrams sounds like a game your mom would bring on vacation with you and make you play. Even though that probably is true, it doesn’t mean you cant spice it up a little bit with your friends. Set the rules straight. These scrabble boards that you’re making are not child-friendly. The only words that will guarantee points are those that that make rated R movies, rated R. As the game continues, and you realize you need to get rid of some of your letters to complete the sex position you are trying to spell, it is imperative that with every switch of a tile, a shot is taken. By the time all the tiles are used, so should the bottle of vodka, and nonetheless, the pregame.

Although I am all for the needed sit down pregame at times, as well as the wild, cops-busting pregame, sometimes you really just need to find that happy medium, accompanied by some help from Toys R Us to ensure a fun night. 


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