Campus Profile: Seffie Wilkinson

Meet Seff! My chic, twinkly light-loving, hummus-devouring sister. You’ll either find her shuttling through the Microbial Sciences building on the way to class, or catch her typing up her latest blog post while cozying up in her room with a blanket scarf and cup of coffee,. This one loves fashion and all things Parisienne, and she can’t get enough of the holiday season.

Major / Certificate: Genetics / French

Year: Senior

Hometown: I'm from Mequon, which is a suburb just north of Milwaukee.


Why did you pick Genetics and French?

My major and certificate are two interests that are pretty independent of each other. I chose genetics because I think it's fascinating and really up-and-coming. It’s important to so many aspects of our lives. And for French, I started speaking the language when I was five years old. I think it's the most beautiful language — everything sounds better when you say it in French.


Where's your favorite place to study?  

I study mostly at places where I have access to the holy trinity; coffee, a snack, and an outlet. I really like Fair Trade. Honestly though if places are too crowded I prefer holing up in my room with a cup of coffee and the twinkly lights on.


What’s your favorite study snack?

This is a hard question for because I have a lot of favorites; but if I had to pick, it would be a toasted chocolate chip bagel and cream cheese. If I'm trying to be a little healthier, then probably hummus. I could eat 20 of those little Sabra hummus and pretzel packs in one sitting.


What do you love to do in your free time?

I spend probably 98 percent of my time keeping up with my classes; but in the two percent of time I have free, I’m probably blogging. I started a French-inspired style and wellness blog that I love taking photos and creating stuff for.


What inspired you to create a blog?

I really enjoy finding beauty in ordinary and everyday things. I've gotten a lot of inspiration in the past from blogs about living a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. I think that's so important. I created my blog as an outlet for my creative energy, but I also hope that it provides inspiration for someone else, too.


What's the story behind your name?

My full name is actually Mary Sefton Wilkinson; it's a family name that got passed to my grandma from her grandma, and down the line to me. So Seffie is sort of a nickname from my middle name.


What’s your favorite holiday activity?

I would say putting together a holiday-themed dinner for friends or family is my favorite. What could be better than a gathering centered solely around food?


What do you do for self-care?  

I really try to make time for myself even when things get stressful in my classes. Working out has been huge for helping me maintain a good state of mind.


What’s your favorite accessory?

I love scarves, especially blanket scarves. It's so cold here, and I love the idea of having an accessory that's fashionable and doubles as a blanket.


If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go right now?

Switzerland is on the top of my list. I'm a skier, so a day out in the snow followed by Swiss chocolate sounds pretty good to me.


What are you going to miss most about Madison after graduation?

Madison has a really great sense of community. I dropped my Wiscard on the street last week, and some amazing soul picked it up and emailed me about meeting up right away. I was so thankful, you don't find that kind of community everywhere.


Any advice for freshmen and underclassmen?

Never. Forget. Your. Umbrella

This girl is always down for a good bagel and a productive study sesh; but she also never hesitates to make time for herself, especially with her French-inspired blog. Her passion for a well-balanced and wholesome lifestyle is inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!