Campus Profile: Scott Sullivan

Meet Scott Sullivan! When he’s not sailing the waters of Lake Mendota, he’s catching up on his favorite Netflix shows. Catch him in Grainger or hanging out in College Court. He’s single and he’s this week’s Campus Cutie!

Name: Scott Sullivan

Hometown: East Troy, WI

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing and Management

Involvement on Campus: Wisconsin Sailing Team

What is your favorite weekend activity?

I enjoy long walks on the lake shore path (of course)

What is the biggest party foul?

Wasting foam, because foam is beer too

What is your favorite song to hear at a party?

Anything other than “Closer”

Biggest pet peeve?

Matthew McConaughey 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Still going to Lucky’s on Thursdays

How does it feel to be Campus Cutie?

It feels moist

If you’re ever hanging out on Lake Mendota or taking a stroll down the lake shore path, keep an eye out for this Campus Cutie!