Campus Profile: The Dhooghe Brothers!

Meet this week's campus celebrities, the Dhooghe brothers! Jason and Sean are both on the Badger Men’s Hockey team and — fun fact — this is their first time playing on the same team. The game against North Dakota this past November was a big night for both Sean and Jason; they both scored their first goals as Badgers! Get to know the Dhooghe brothers a little bit more than just for their talent on the ice.


Name: Sean and Jason Dhooghe

Hometown: Aurora, Illinois

Year: Freshmen

Age: 18, 20

Major: Biology (Sean), Business (Jason)

Activities: Hockey and Xbox

Sean (L) and Jason (R) on ice.


1. What’s one thing you're obsessed with?

Sean: Fishing

Jason: Netflix (Gotham)


2. What's your dream job?

Sean: Surgeon

Jason: Business owner


3. Guilty Pleasure?

Sean: Ice Cream (Ben & Jerry’s or Coldstone)

Jason: Chips


4. Favorite Spot on campus?

Both: The Terrace


5. What do you like to do in your free time?

Both: Xbox — can you tell they’re brothers?


6. What’s your favorite color?

Sean: Blue, because it’s soothing

Jason: Red, because it has been his favorite ever since he was a kid

7. Who is Your Celebrity Crush?

Sean: Selena Gomez

Jason: Anna Kendrick


8. Top of Your Bucket List?

Sean: Visit Bora Bora

Jason: Go on a golf vacation to Hawaii


9. Describe Yourself in 3 Words:

Sean: Observant, logical, passionate

Jason: Hard working, personable, loud

10. When did you start playing hockey?

Sean: 3

Jason: 5


11. If you could play any other sport, what would it be?

Sean: Pro Golf

Jason: Baseball


There you have it, the Dhooghe brothers! Catch them at the rink for their next home game and cheer on the UW Men’s Hockey team.