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Campus Profile: Arissa Milton

Meet Arissa Milton! As a Madison native pursuing a Neurobiology degree, Arissa manages to balance her modeling with her stressful study schedule. She’s been featured in Madison’s own Moda Magazine as well as walked in “The Threads” fashion show. 




Neurobiology and probably a double major in Psychology.


Madison, WI

How did you get involved with modeling on campus?

It just kind of happened. My good friend Paige Goodings asked me to try out for the School of Human Ecology’s textile department fashion show on campus my freshman year. Participating in that kind of opened the doors to more opportunities, I guess!

Where can we see your modeling pictures published? 

I was featured in the fashion section of Moda Madison, which is a life and style magazine on campus. I also modeled some clothing for my friend Em Kinville, which can be found on her website www.emkinvilledesign.com. I’ve also done other smaller projects for friends just for fun!

Is there any other project you’re involved with?

I was in my friend Will Hoverman’s music video that he just recently released. If you want to see me try to be serious but look awkward that’s definitely a must watch!

Which did you prefer? Modeling or making the music video?

Tough question! Making the music video was fun, but I kept laughing or not looking serious enough. I think it’s definitely hard to hold in a laugh for a video, but it’s easier for a photo. So, I think I’d prefer modeling or taking photos, but mostly because I have absolutely no acting skills and don’t take many things seriously.

Do you plan to pursue modeling more in the future?

I’m not sure! Some days I feel like trying modeling would be super fun, especially when school is getting too stressful, and other days I feel like I’d rather eat a large pizza with a Potbelly’s milkshake. I have to work on finding a balance between the two.

What are your goals for after college? 

I’d like to take a gap year after my undergrad. Possibly travel, work, or serve in AmericCorps again. Then I’d go to graduate school and see what comes of out of that!

You can catch up with Arissa and see more of her modeling here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rissmil/

Moda Magazine: http://modamadison.com/2016/03/07/the-mini-off-center/

EMKinville Design: http://www.emkinvilledesign.com

Music Video: https://www.facebook.com/willhovermanmusic/?pnref=story)

I'm a junior at the University of Wisconsin Madison studying Neurobiology and Global Health. After graduation I hope to go to medical school and work with the World Health Organization. When I'm not cramming to catch up in classes, you can find me watching late night re-runs. I love to go hiking with my dog, prefer tea over coffee, and will never turn down a chance to go makeup shopping.
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