Campus Cutie: Troy Baebler

The man, the myth, the legend is single and ready to mingle...

Name: Troy William Baebler

Year: Senior

Hometown: Yorkville, Illinois

Relationship Status: Single AF

Major: Forest Management and Environmental Studies

Three words to describe yourself:

Sarcastic, Creative, and Honest

Favorite pick up line:


Describe your perfect date:

Go to Osaka House for a Saki Bomb to get the blood flowin, walk to Chasers for Tacos and Margs with a little darts action while she insists I play Creed. Then we’ll go to Essenhaus and max out on fish n' chips and a couple boots. Then go to the KK where I’ll inevitably lose her in the crowd, but just as the bar closes we meet up and I bring her back to 625 Mendota Court and blast DMB and Coldplay. If my roommates haven’t ruined it for me yet I'll show her I have OnDemand in my room and can watch B grade movies on FX. 

Where can you be found on a Friday night?

Chasers, Double U, Whiskey Jacks, Mondays, City Bar, Brats, KK

Favorite spot on campus:

625 Mendota Court #7 living room pull out couch

Biggest pet peeves about girls:

When they snapchat you, but it’s also on their story. When they’re not appreciative for the drinks I cannot afford, but somehow buy every time.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Waxing Joel Rosenberg in NHL and Nic Lehman in darts. Trolling in the 47 something person GroupMe called V Savage. Listening to Max Albiero talk about how popular and good looking he is. Watching LilMayo snapchats with Patches (Patrick Burnside). Finally sitting on the couch with The Peach (Mitch Mason) discussing what food were going to order after our intense 20 minute workout at the NAT.  

What qualities do you look for in your dream girl? 

She’s into sports. Will eat Golden Grahams with the boys before class. Has a good sense of humor and can handle sarcasm. A nice smile.  Doesn’t come mail order.    

Favorite Madison memory?

Epic gamedays at Dayton. The last two summers spent here were wild. Cherub concert. Having a cat for a little bit. Mostly meeting all the ladies and gents I can call my friends.


How do you feel about being this week’s campus cutie?

There are no real words to describe what I feel right now. Couldn’t haven’t done it without all the former campus cuties, but especially Max Albiero. He’s so charming and selfless. Dude gave me his used water bottle after he lost my brand new one 4 months later.  

So if you can roll with the bros, and like to bar hop on the weekends individually snap him and start something with this campus cutie!