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Campus Cutie: Scott Siegel

The way to this Campus Cutie’s heart is sarcasm and a hungry stomach.

Name: Scott SiegelHometown: Plymouth, MNYear: JuniorMajor: Communication: TV, radio, film & Strategic CommunicationsInvolvement on Campus: I’m in Fiji, a fraternity here on campus.Relationship Status: Tragically single

Who is your celebrity crush?Giada de Laurentiis based solely on her food, the fact that she’s stunningly beautiful is just icing on the cake (haha food joke)

What are the top 3 Things on your bucket list?1) Go to Bangkok, Thailand2) Foster puppies so I’ll have an endless supply of adorable puppies3) Be Campus Cutie (check)

What is the best way for a girl to impress you?I’m always impressed when a girl is really sarcastic.

Describe the perfect date:It’s kind of lame but we would get some crappy takeout food for dinner, rent a dumb movie that we can make fun of, and then just pig out and joke around all night. If things go really well I may even try and hold her hand.

What’s your guilty pleasure?Cleaning my ears with Q-Tips, holy hell it’s amazing.

Biggest turn-off?As weird as it is, when someone is mean or disrespectful to a waiter/waitress or anyone else in the service industry. I could not think less of a person who treats someone disrespectfully.

Where’s your favorite place to study on campus?College Library, it’s by far one of the best places to socialize on campus but if I actually want to study, and not just walk around distracting people, I go to the Historical Society Library.

How does it feel to be this week’s Campus Cutie?Bittersweet. It is the single greatest accomplishment of my entire life but knowing that I peaked at 21 is a little depressing


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