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Campus Cutie: Jon Clark

With a John Mayer-raspy voice that can be heard accompanying guitar, a sweet demeanor, and that high school football captain/class president/take-home-to-your-parents quality, this guy is the whole package!

At a glance:

Hometown: Lemont, Illinois

Year: Freshman

Major: Political Science

Relationship Status: single as a Kraft single

Campus activities involved in: APO, Pledge Class President of APO, Badgers for Special Olympics


The Lady’s Man:

What impresses you most about a girl when you first meet her?

I’m a big eyes guy, two eyes preferably…. I try to make girls laugh early on, girls who laugh right off the bat with you are extremely attractive.

Perfect date?

Nothing too complex, I’m a big dinner and movie kind of guy…of which I’d let her choose of course. I also really value snuggle time, I can’t stress it enough how big of a snuggler I am.

What’s your go-to move when trying to catch a girl’s eye?

I usually pull out the guitar and sing a little tune here or there. The ladies really like Your Body is a Wonderland.

Any crazy efforts you’ve put forth to do so?

I wouldn’t know where to begin….first couple of weeks at the Org Fair in Union South, my idiotic freshmen confidence got to me. I was in line for a bus pass and had an extra Frisbee from a previous booth, and the opportunity presented itself when I noticed the pretty girl behind the counter. Feeling bold, I offered her the Frisbee and though reluctant at first, through my persistence she finally accepted it. I wrote my name and number on it with a sharpie and left with a “have a nice day.” Never imagined a Frisbee as a wingman.

Another time I prepared a rap for the girl I was going to ask to my Junior Prom a month in advance and dressed in a purple gangster outfit complete with matching hat. I headed to the lunch room and after finding her declared “Kylie, I’m going to rap for you” to which she grimaced and said that another boy had asked her five minutes prior. So there I was with all eyes on me, everyone anticipating this rap I had prepared for her, when another girl stood up and said she still needed a date. I was in a pickle and ended up giving the girl this purple box of flowers and candies (which had Kylie’s name across the front) and proceeded to rattle off my rap….which said Kylie’s name in it six times. Though it didn’t go as planned, I can say Biggie would have respected the rap and I had the good fortune of being crowned Prom King that year.


The Musician:

What instruments do you play?

I play a festive mix of guitar, trombone, and harmonica.

Favorite musicians?

John Mayor and the Beatles. My source of music inspiration is Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Favorite song to sing in the shower?

Rockstar by Smash Mouth and It’s Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli.


And just for kicks and giggles…

(Fun Fact: The night of FreakFest he was called out by headliners Matt&Kim in the third row…more like Legend of JON Burgundy.)

Three top tasks on your bucket list?

1.     Go to a chili competition

2.     Hit a Homerun at Wrigley Field

3.     Slap Mickey Mouse’s butt at Disney Land

Boxers or briefs?

I used to be a pretty devoted boxers guy, but as of late I’ve been opening myself up to briefs.

Dream job?

A senator during the week, and rock star on the weekends

Your role model?

Definitely my dad—he’s my best friend.

 Weirdest thing in your room right now?

The horse’s head that my roommate Nicky Swoop stole.

Craziest thing you’ve done on a Saturday night?

A couple floor buddies and I went out to a party that smelled of damp linens…that’s all I can remember of the night—a rare drunken Jonny!

How does it feel to be a Her Campus Cutie?

I’m honored to be among the others and hope to find a lass—I greatly appreciate the opportunity!

I'm an aspiring journalist and brunch enthusiast here at UW-Madison. My boyfriend's name is sleep and I get some every night. I once showed ankle for Wi-Fi access and hope to one day love something the way women in commercials love yogurt. I'm good at mermaid dancing and prefer my puns intended--that is all.
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