Campus Cutie: Gus the Corgi

There are plenty of cute guys on campus, but there’s only one Gus. If you ever need a cuddle buddy or a cutie to say hi to at the terrace, Gus is your man. He’s always ready for some love. He's super cute — and he knows it!

Name: Gus

Nicknames: “Gussy”, “Chicken Nugget”, “Gus The Bus”

Hometown: Madison, WI

Breed: Corgi

Age: 2 in human years, 14 in dog years

Likes: Napping, food, his treat ball, cuddling and short walks on the beach

Dislikes: Waking up, garbage trucks, busses, fireworks, rain, thunderstorms, manicures and baths

Is he more outgoing or shy? Gus is super outgoing. He thinks everyone is out to pet him. He even prefers people over dogs at the dog park, if it means he gets a good petting.

Favorite spot on campus: For sure the terrace because there are a lot of people. If you can’t find Gus at the terrace, check by the food trucks. He loves it over there because people are always dropping food.

Favorite weekend activity: Definitely sleeping in

Favorite food: He loves pizza and peanut butter. He’s a fan of really anything he’s not supposed to have.

Least favorite food: Don’t try to feed Gus bananas, strawberries or peanut butter pretzels. He’s not a huge fan.

Bad habit(s): We all have our vices. Gus' is laziness. When he can’t reach his toys he’ll lie down, moan or bark until someone comes help him.

Gus loves strangers, so don’t be afraid to say hi if you see him around campus. But, be forewarned, he has a big dog bark for a small dog his size. Don’t let that scare you, though — he’s a lover, not a fighter.

You can always see Gus strutting around campus, but also check out his Instagram @gusthecorgloaf for more of his cuteness.