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Campus Celebrity: Maddy Flynn


Maddy Flynn, a junior at UW-Madison, is the newly elected president of Delta Gamma sorority. Leading an entire sorority (about two hundred college girls) is debatably more difficult than running a country, so look out Obama because Maddy has it all. From intense campus involvement to a plethora of presidential responsibilities, Maddy’s kindness, intelligence, and amazing work ethic is deserving of being our campus celeb!

Major: Kinesiology-Physical Education

Campus Involvement: Ask.Listen.Save Suicide Prevention, Greek Intervarsity, Humorology


What attracted you to Greek life as a freshman?

I didn’t know anything about Greek life at UW and going through recruitment was the last thing on my mind even though my mom kept encouraging me to do it. I ended up signing up the day of because everyone on my dorm floor was going and knew it was for me after day one!


What are the best and most challenging parts of being president?

The best? I am beyond fortunate and honored to be leading the most incredible group of women I could ask for – the support, love, and generosity I receive from everyone continues to amaze me everyday and pushes me to do the best job I can.

One of the most challenging parts is not being able to please everyone. There are so many awesome ideas and suggestions shared by each member but it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy all the time. 


What’s your favorite DG event?

My favorite DG event is “Senior Wills.” The seniors have some of the funniest stories and the most random things that get passed down to younger members. You never know what you’re going to walk away with and it’s always a good time!


What’s the most valuable thing you have learned?

I have been living by a quote by Ted Kennedy that a good friend shared with me after I was elected: “Have faith in yourself and in the future.” I need to believe in myself and in every decision that I make and know that everything will work out in the end! Optimism is key.


What’s one memorable moment you’ve had as president?

I had a stressful Sunday afternoon one day and was feeling pretty down in the dumps until I came home to an array of chocolate, candy, a stuffed animal monkey, and a goofy poem from the members of my Chapter Management Team left on my bed. I was so surprised and cried happy tears because I was so thankful to be part of Delta Gamma and knew that this is what it is all about; supporting each other though both the best and hardest of times!


Fun fact: 

When I was in pre-school I used to steal spoons from my neighbors and bring them in for Show-and-Tell every week.


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