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Campus Celebrity: Courtney Pelot

Determined, fun, and fashionably fierce are the three star qualities this week’s campus celebrity encompasses. Courtney Pelot takes every opportunity she can get to help her obtain real world experience and develop the skills she needs for her future. From Wisconsin to the Big Apple, wherever Courtney goes she takes the world by storm!

Name: Courtney Pelot

Year: Senior

Intended Majors: Communication Arts

Hometown: Manitowoc, WI

Campus Involvement:

Fashion Editor of Moda Magazine, CollegeFashionista Head Style Guru and Social Media Intern, Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Representative, Neely by VNB Campus Ambassador, Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Graduate Hotels Brand Ambassador

I know you have an amazing and unique sense of style, when did you become interested in fashion?

I’ve always been relatively interested in fashion. My mom tells me how she would hold up two outfits when I was little, and I’d pick one. I always enjoyed shopping with my mom and grandma and viewing celeb style on TV and in magazines whenever I could. It wasn’t until I picked up my first Teen Vogue, in August 2007, that I realized that I could potentially have a career in the fashion industry.

How would you define your style and who are some of your style icons?

If you asked me this question a few months ago, I don’t know if I would have been able to pinpoint one particular style. However, one of the incredible women I worked for this past summer helped me realize that I did indeed have a style. My style is relatively boho and a bit romantic. I love basics and neutrals; you’ll typically find me in black, white or gray with pops of red or dark green. (I have a red lipstick obsession!) That incredible woman I just mentioned coined me as a “Wang” girl early upon meeting her, and after hearing that I walked into Alexander Wang’s flagship store and realized she couldn’t be more right—I loved everything I saw. Some of my style icons include Selena Gomez, Olivia Culpo, and the Kardashian klan as a whole.

So you interned in New York for the summer, what was that experience like and do you have any tips for others wanting to venture to the Big City?

This past summer was absolutely amazing. I’m beginning to miss the Big City more and more every day. Each day was an adventure. My advice for anyone who wants to venture to NYC is to be strong, brave and assertive, or the city will eat you alive. Be willing to learn and grow. I left Milwaukee on June 1st alone and beyond terrified, but I’m so proud of the woman I grew to be by August.

Do you have any recommendations for food, shopping, or activities in New York?

Of course! There are too many amazing eateries than I have time to mention. Little Collins has the most amazing avocado toast. Salvation taco has delicious guac, margaritas and a rooftop view that can’t be beat. By Chloe is a new vegan restaurant that opened up in West Village right before I left, and I loved the veggie burger I ordered. For sweets, Dough, Levain bakery and Sockerbit are must-visits. Diginn is great for a quick healthy lunch. Other favorites of mine include the Egg Shop, the Park and Lure. For shopping, I loved strolling through Soho because it isn’t as crowded as 5th Ave. can be. As for activities, I think visiting the Statue of Liberty is one tourist attraction that is definitely not overrated. I didn’t necessarily think I “needed” to go prior to visiting it because after all, I’ve seen it hundreds of times in movies and photos. However, now I can’t believe New Yorkers when they say they’ve never been; I went with my boyfriend and his family and it was incredible. Everyone should go!

What has been the most influential experience from your college career?

Being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, hands down. So many of the opportunities I’ve had in the past few years have been because of my internship with CollegeFashionista. Besides providing me the chance to be a part of brand partnerships with Clinique, American Eagle Outfitters, PINK and Old Navy, I’ve been on Seventeen.com twice, learned how to be a superb editor and gained public speaking skills from asking people to take photos of their outfits all around campus.

What are your post-college plans or aspirations? 

I’m currently preparing for a pageant and am hoping to earn the title of Miss Green Bay Area this coming January. I would love to spend a year of service promoting my platform, Open that Book: Promoting Literacy in Our Communities, throughout Northeastern Wisconsin and have the chance to compete for Miss Wisconsin this June. Long term, I’d love to combine my passions for fashion, digital media and politics.

With Courtney’s hard work and commitment, I have no doubt that she will succeed at anything her heart desires! 

Born and raised in Wisconsin but a New York girl at heart. Kelsey is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Communication Arts and Theatre and Drama. She is a lover of fashion, iced coffee, and running. After school she plans to pursue a career in the fashion industry.
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