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Campus Celebrity: Ashley Hampton

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

This week’s campus celebrity, Ashley Hampton, is an inspiring raw vegan with a love for sharing her lifestyle through her own blog, Raw in College.

When did you decide to try the raw vegan lifestyle and why did you decide to try it?

I decided to try the raw vegan lifestyle about five months ago. In this modern world, there are so many sources of inspiration to be found on various forms of media. I had come across the lifestyle online previously, and after doing some research, I really wanted to try it out for myself. It has been one of the most positive decisions in my life thus far!

What is your favorite “raw” meal?

This is a tough decision but I would have to say my favorite raw meal would have to be a large bowl of mixed seasonal fruit or a big green smoothie. 

As a college student, I have so much respect for you being able to maintain this lifestyle, what are some tips you have for others who may be interested in trying a different diet (vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan etc.)?

That is so sweet of you, I really appreciate it!! From personal experience, I think the most important factor in changing any aspect of your life is to be passionate about what you’re doing for yourself and being aware of how it will affect others around you. Support from friends and family, even strangers that are going through the same changes as you, are extremely important in succeeding with anything in life– it has made my experience as a raw vegan very positive and successful. 

How has being a “raw eater” changed you?

Over the past five months, not only have I become my healthiest self, but I have also relearned what it means to have a “relationship” with food. I know that food plays a huge role in girl’s and women’s lives on a daily basis. No one should ever feel restricted or deprived and that is what I think the majority of diets out there advocate for. The raw vegan lifestyle is one of abundance and pure appreciation of the food you put into your body!!

I love your blog, what inspired you to start it?

Thank you so much!! Over the summer, a lot of people took interest in my new way of eating. When I came to college, it was clear that I needed to spread my knowledge and experience of becoming raw and share it with others. Being able to inspire and educate others about health and wellness is truly an honor and I am so happy to be helping friends, family, and strangers find their “best self” through a healthier lifestyle. 

Check out more from Ashley by visiting her blog http://www.rawincollege.com/dont-miss-normal-food/ and following her Instagram @rawincollege. 

Becca Bahrke is a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Madison majoring in Retailing and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Gender & Women Studies. Becca is currently the CC/EIC of Her Campus- Wisconsin, and will continue writing news. Becca's primary hobby is blogging on her tumblr http://beccahasnothingtowear.tumblr.com