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Bruno Mars is still a simp, but that’s okay

After 5 years without a new album, Bruno Mars serves up some pop-R&B tunes and stays true to his romantic side…

Bruno Mars has decidedly entered his comeback era. After the success of his past experiments with smooth R&B in 2016 with “24K Magic”, Mars has paired up with Anderson. Paak to form the R&B duo Silk Sonic and release a 31-minute album titled An Evening with Silk Sonic

As a highly informed TikTok viewer, I was thoroughly amused to see Smokin’ Out the Window be mummified. Many TikTokers joked about how Mars had seemingly grown out of his “simp phase” and was now catching the grenade and throwing it back. 

Except, he is still a simp. He’s still paying for her rent, trips and all the diamonds on her neck and wrists. Pure simp behavior.

The other 8 songs also remain staunchly in simp territory. The songs are definitely written with women in mind and are flirtatious and sexy even through the heartbreak. This is not a completely baseless claim, as, in a Rolling Stone interview, Mars told. Paak, “​​We’re making music to make women feel good and make people dance, and that’s it.” 

I’d say they came through. The album has a smooth, feel-good mood that makes me think that I would have thrived when funky R&B was at its height. It seems like Mars has been playing around with an old-school sound ever since Uptown Funk, and I’m excited to see what else Silk Sonic makes together.

Angela Glowacki

Wisconsin '23

Angela is a junior at UW Madison studying Chinese and Community and Nonprofit Leadership. In her free time she is most likely watching TV, but she'll probably tell you she's watching a TedTalk instead.