Breaking Down 7 Sexual Myths

Growing up, most of us heard the rumor about a girl thinking she was pregnant from a hot tub or that if you shower after sex you will not get an STI. But if we have learned anything from middle and high school health class, these are just sexual myths. Sexual myths can be funny, however, if you are not aware of the truth, it could compromise you and your partner’s health. Keep reading to see the breakdown of the most common sexual myths you might hear!


1. Size actually doesn't matter all that much

Any guy can probably tell you how big his penis is down to the eighth of an inch. However, when it comes down to it, size doesn't matter when you're having a sexual experience with your partner. It's about their enthusiasm that counts — not their naturally gifted member.


2. You can still get pregnant using the rhythm method (a.k.a. "pulling out")

The pull-out method is one of the most unreliable forms of birth control. If your partner does not have full control over their ejaculation — which, in their defense, can be really hard to do —  the risk of becoming pregnant still exists. So, just because it may be the most comfortable or most convenient method at the time, doesn't mean it's the most reliable. Use protection, kids.


3. “Cherries” aren't actually a real thing

A girl’s “cherry” (a.k.a. hymen) doesn't “pop” when she loses her virginity. A woman's hymen, which is a vaginal membrane, thins out as she becomes older. So, a woman will stretch or maybe tear her hymen when she loses her virginity — but it doesn't pop. This experience also different for every girl, and it's not always as painful for everyone as they make it out to be. Okay now, put the “deflowering” and “cherry” myths to rest.


4. Men do not actually have more sexual urges than women

Men are normally known as the ones who always wants sex; but in reality, men's sex drive varies just as much as women's. Many women also have healthy sex drives — they can be just as into sex as men are. Don't worry about the stigma if you're a woman who loves sex — it's just as natural for women as it is for men. You do you, girl. 


5. Condoms don't always take the fun out of sex

Condoms get such a bad rap; but it's really mostly about user errors, not function errors. If condoms don't feeling good for you or your partner, do some research! There are many different shapes, sizes and even colors. When you find a condom that works for you, your sexual experience will improve — guaranteed!


6. You cannot get herpes from a toilet seat

Herpes spreads because of skin-to-skin contact. So, if you're getting it from a toilet seat, that mean's you're using the toilet seat with someone who has the same time...while touching skin. Do yourself a favor, and just let that fear go when you're using public bathrooms!


7. You can still get an STI from oral sex

Many people try to substitute intercourse with oral sex to avoid pregnancy and STIs. While oral sex will certainly prevent pregnancy, it doesn't prevent STIs. While not all STIs can be contracted from oral sex, there are still some that can. To avoid unwanted infections, make sure you and your partner are getting tested routinely.


Most of these myths might not have been as ridiculous as the one about getting pregnant from a toilet seat, but they're still common sexual myths that many women — and men — hear. Stay informed — it will help keep you safe and healthy!