Best Study Spots for Every Type of Homework

Every type of homework warrants a different study spot. Chemistry in Starbucks is wack. Writing an essay during a party sounds even a bit crazier. Lucky for us as UW-Madison students, there are so many different places we can sit down and concentrate on studying for an exam, as well as places to casually take notes from our biology textbooks. Here are some suggestions for the best places to maximize your efficiency.  

  1. 1. Coffee shops for writing essays

    Madison has no shortage of coffee shops, so you are bound to find your place at Grace or Free Trade Coffee. Writing an essay while listening to some calming music with the smell of coffee lingering in the background is perfect for formulating thoughts about Shakespeare and his lengthy plays.  

  2. 2. College Library for that late-night grind

    It’s a Thursday night and you really want to go out, but you know that Chemistry homework is not going to do itself. College Library is a perfect place to bring friends and finish some dreaded work so that next Thursday will be better than this one.

  3. 3. Memorial Library for midterm studying

    Memorial Library is seriously no joke. If you have a midterm coming up in a few days and need to really teach yourself everything you haven’t understood in lecture, then this is the place for you. Sure, it looks like a dungeon, but there are sure to be no distractions here. 

  4. 4. Memorial Union for social hour

    If you’re doing homework at the Memorial Union on a Friday afternoon, you’re basically asking for distractions. This is for the post-midterm week where schoolwork is taking a backseat for a minute. You can get some simple things done here, but you’ll probably end up leaving to hang out with your friends before everything that needs to get done gets done.

  5. 5. Bed for some last-minute Quizlet studying

    When you’re up until 1:00 am thinking about your History midterm at 8:50 am the next morning, there should be no shame in doing some Quizlet work in your bed to keep your brain thinking. It’s actually been proven that studying right before bed helps with memorization!

  6. 6. Academic buildings for in-between-class work

    Those dreaded awkward break times of an hour or two between classes are perfect for checking things off the to-do list of homework. This is why Ingraham Hall has a Badger Market and tables for some work, or why Van Hise has a nice study spot on its second floor. Finding a table may be hard to do in the middle of the day, but you’ll be sure to get some little things done.

As a college student, it can sometimes be hard to actually sit down and focus on schoolwork when we have so much going on in our lives. For me, switching up my study spaces based on the type of homework is always beneficial. Again, don’t bring your essay to your roommate’s friend’s party or attempt to do your Chemistry homework while you are ordering an iced caramel latte from Starbucks.