Looking Back on 12 of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's Cutest Moments

If you haven't heard by now, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan — the lovebirds who fell madly in love during the filming of the Step Up in 2006 — have separated after nearly nine years of marriage. They announced their separation on Twitter last week, promising their fans that they still love each other and will continue to support one another. In honor of their many years together, here are some highlights that inspired all of us to one day find a love like theirs.


Where it all began...


Tatum and Dewan both starred in the popular 2006 dance movie Step Up. Their chemistry is obvious on and off the screen, and they both admitted to sources that they fell in love almost instantly. There was no stopping these two from falling in love and becoming lifelong friends.


Their iconic photo booth pictures


Tatum and Dewan were not only soulmates, but also best friends, too. Their adorable photo booth pictures reveal their fun, loving relationship.


The many red carpet appearances



Clearly, Tatum and Dewan knew how to compliment each another on their remarkable charm, good looks and designer threads.


The best of friends

Look at their playful relationship! We were often jealous of their cute, lovable friendship. Secretly (or not so secretly), we all wished that we would find our own Tatum to be goofy with.


And finally, this tragic announcement...

Although they have separated as a married couple, we hope that their friendship will last a lifetime.


HCXO, we love you Chan and Jenna!