Best Holiday Songs For Any Mood



It’s finally holiday season! That means you can bring out all your holiday essentials. It also means you can begin to listen to your holiday tunes. Here are holiday songs that are perfect for any mood.


When You’re Wishing For Snow: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Johnny Mathis. This song is perfect for when you are waiting for snow or when that first snowflake falls. It brings back the nostalgia of comfy clothes and sitting by the fire.


When You’re Thinking of That Special Someone: Santa Baby by Gwen Stefani.

This song is perfect for when you are with that special someone cuddled up with hot cocoa. It brings you into a romantic mood and is a great tune to dance to!


When You Want to Dance Your Heart Out: Jingle Bell Rock by the Glee cast.

This classic song is perfect for when you want to dance around your room in pajamas. The beat makes you want to stomp your feet and jump around, as well as its a catchy melody.


When You’re Feeling Sad: Last Christmas by Wham!

This song is the perfect tune for when you are feeling down or sad. It also works if you are reminded of an ex during the holiday season and just need to belt out a song to release any feels.


When You’re Filled With Cheer: A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives.

This song is perfect for when you want to cheer yourself or anyone else up. You can wish everyone happy holidays and long for the cheeriness of the holiday season with this song.


I hope you can jam out to these holidays songs, no matter what holiday you’re celebrating!