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 And my journey on the way to becoming her

Who even is “That Girl”? Why is everyone obsessed with being her? After seeing this phrase all over my for you page on TikTok, I couldn’t wrap my mind around who this person was, why everyone wanted to be them, and how if everyone became them, wouldn’t the definition of “that girl” drastically change?

After doing some digging, I figured out that being “that girl” is a much simpler idea than I originally thought: It’s about being the best version of yourself you can be. By doing so, everyone will be admiring your confidence, and you will become a version of an “it girl.” It is less about everyone trying to become the same person, and more about working on yourself in all kinds of ways, such as going to the gym, eating healthy meals and journaling. 

I wanted to give a few details on my journey and struggle with becoming “that girl.” At first, I tried doing things that I knew were not sustainable, and things that I simply did not care about. My thought process was that this would more quickly advance my journey to becoming someone new.

It does sound stupid—becoming someone completely new so others would see me in a new way. Unfortunately, I naturally craved validation from others as much as I tried to deny it. I secretly hated changing what I was doing and thought I was supposed to feel much better than  I was feeling about the whole process. I was completely changing myself to be seen in a positive light from others, with no regard for how I felt as this new person. 

This experience pretty much came to a screeching halt as soon as it started. I was back to square one with unhealthy eating habits and was not even a good version of myself, let alone the “that girl” version I was so desperately trying to be.

When I resumed my journey a few months later, I learned I had a passion for journaling. Being able to write down everything I was feeling made me feel better about myself and my thoughts. I started to write down anything that came to mind just to get it down. It could be sad, frustrating, or proud. Anything I thought of in those ten minutes, I wrote on paper. Soon, I started craving a physical outlet in addition to my mental outlet. I started to go to the gym almost every day. Moving my body just for an hour a day helped both my body and mind feel better. I became my own version of a therapist in my journal and in the gym. 

Before I knew it I was “that girl.” The way I was able to achieve this was by altering my mindset. I changed from doing everything in my power to become “that girl” as quickly as possible to bettering myself. I subconsciously became the best version of me by focusing on myself and my overall health. I no longer held other people’s opinions about me above my own. I became confident in my body and my personality like no way before by making a few small changes in my daily routine.

I know what you’re probably thinking: How is changing a few things going to change me into the best version of myself? I was the same way before my experience, which is why I struggled to get the results I wanted in the beginning. However, Changing my unhealthy habits to healthy habits made me the best version of myself and it can have the same results for you as well. Just remember, you don’t have to wake up and suddenly change everything about your routine. It can be as slow or fast a process as you make it. You may even already be “that girl.”

Gabby Guzman

Wisconsin '26

Gabby is a current first-year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is majoring in Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies and Communications. She is originally from Plymouth, Minnesota, which means she is a die-hard Vikings fan. Her interests include watching sports, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. Gabby is so excited to be welcomed into the Her Campus community and have the opportunity to share her ideas and experiences with everyone!