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Bangs or Nah?

Are you considering adding some fringe for fall? Nearly every celebrity has experimented with bangs at one point or another, especially during the fall season. Even Ariana Grande, Hollywood’s least likely to ever change her hairstyle, recently debuted a thick set of bangs on her Instagram page. When it comes to cutting your bangs, you have many decisions to make. How long? How thick? How textured? Before you get scissors-happy, find out which style is best for you. 

Thick and Blunt

Chances are, you haven’t had straight-across bangs like these since grade school and the thought of trying them out again might be terrifying. However, celebs like Taylor, Ariana, and Queen Bey prove that this style can be anything from classic to mysterious to girl-next-door chic depending on your personal style. Heavy, blunt bangs typically work best on long or oval face shapes. An added plus? Eyelid-grazing fringes like this will take some of the pressure off of having your eyebrows on point every day. 


Perfectly Piece-y

Wispy, long bangs add balance to a strong chin on heart-shaped faces, as seen on Kendall Jenner, Rashida Jones, and Brooklyn Decker. They’re also more versatile than heavy bangs as they can be easily swept to the side or pinned back. Ask your stylist to angle them down at the temples to best frame your face. 



Looking for a modern-day Brigitte Bardot look? These middle-parted bangs (sometimes called curtain or A-shape bangs) look great on square faces with sharp jawlines. This style will draw attention upward to your eyes and add symmetry to your face, a-la Rihanna, Alexa Chung, and Bella Thorne. 

Clearly, there’s many stylish ways to rock bangs! The best part? Most salons will trim your bangs for under ten dollars. Whether you decide to go heavy and straight-across or wispy and side swept, rock your new ‘do with confidence. You’ll look bangin’ either way.

Kristin is a student at the University of Wisconsin pursuing a degree in Marketing and Operations and Technology Management. Her favorite things in the whole world are vanilla lattes, John Mayer's voice, and her beagle mix, Olive. When she's not slaving over an accounting textbook, Kristin enjoys catching up on fashion and beauty trends, practicing yoga, and cheering on the Badgers.
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