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The best masks to enhance your pandemic style

As the COVID-19 pandemic carries on, we continue to alter our daily lives in order to fulfill safety precautions. One of the staple aspects of the “new normal” way of life is wearing COVID face masks, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe while making this adjustment. Choosing what type of face mask to wear has now become an important everyday decision, so here are five face masks that you should add to your COVID wardrobe.

1. Disposable masks

Starting off with a safe yet classic pick, disposable masks are a reliable option and can be bought in many stores and even in bulk. They are easy to carry and you can almost always find a disposable mask if you need one. Sites like Amazon sell disposable masks in packs of up to 100. The most common are the blue or black masks, but you can find them in virtually any color. Evolve Together sells trendy disposable masks in colors like burgundy, navy, khaki, pink and many more. Disposable masks are protective, customizable and almost always accessible. 

2. Cotton masks

Cotton masks are an easy-to-find and comfortable option when you don’t want to continue throwing away disposable masks. Many stores and boutiques sell them, so there are endless prints and colors to choose from, such as sports teams, brands, artwork and many other designs. Cotton masks provide lots of ways to personalize your everyday look while also being mindful of the environment.

3. Second-skin face masks

Similar to cotton masks, second-skin masks are comfortable and environmentally-friendly with a slightly softer material and a more sleek appearance. These masks pair well with any outfit due to their low-profile shape and variety of colors. HMNKIND makes second-skin masks that are antibacterial, made without harmful materials and chemicals, and can even block UV-A, UV-B and UV-R rays. Second-skin masks can be bought straight from HMNKIND or in multipacks sites such as Virtue Code and Amazon.

4. Lululemon Athletica masks

Lululemon Athletica manufactures athleisure-style face masks that are perfect for everyday use as well as working out. Lululemon Athletica masks come in a variety of different styles, and while they don’t come in a large variety of colors or patterns, the iconic Lululemon buttery-soft feeling will still make you want to wear them everyday. Lululemon Athletica masks are perfect for an active student who wants to stay comfortable while on the go.

5. Silk masks

Silk masks are a fashionable and comfortable approach to everyday mask wearing. On top of being able to look stylish with different colors and patterns, silk face masks protect your skin and ensure comfort. Companies such as Slip, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue sell silk masks. While on the pricier side, the benefits of silk face masks—such as preventing acne and wrinkles—make these a must in your mask collection.

Getting through the pandemic has been no easy task, and everyone is doing their best to stay positive. Hopefully this guide can help you pick out a mask that ensures comfort and positivity during these hard times.

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