Australian Reality TV is on Another Level

I wasn’t a huge fan of reality TV until I started watching the plethora of Australian reality shows on Netflix. I’m not sure what it is that makes them so much better than the American shows I refuse to watch. Maybe it’s the accents or the strange yet familiar culture. Regardless, I have compiled a list of endlessly entertaining Australian reality shows. Be wary that this ranking considers entertainment value solely. 

  1. 1. Cheapest Weddings 

    Premise: Australian couples planning their weddings on strict budgets. Often includes family drama, bridal party mishaps and last-minute catastrophes. 

    Best episode: Episode 2 

    Saddest episode: Episode 1 

    Accents: 10/10, can’t understand without subtitles. 

  2. 2. Yummy Mummies 

    Premise: Docuseries that follows the lives of four rich, young, lavish mothers-to-be where they compete for the yummy mummy crown. 

    Best episode: none of them

    Saddest episode: all of them 

    Favorite quote: “I’m gonna do Burbery at the hospital, I think it’s more ‘baby.’”

  3. 3. Instant Hotel 

    Premise: Teams of two travel to other competitors’ homes and rate their hotel experience and compete to win $100,000 prize. 

    Beautiful views: 10/10 

    Entertaining: 6/10 

  4. 4. Bringing Sexy Back 

    Premise: This Biggest-Loser-esque TV show helps people reach their fitness goals and become “sexy again.” Although the fitness journeys are inspiring, the show’s language is dangerously fat-phobic. 

    Accents: 6/10

    Fat shaming: 10/10 

    Inspiring: 10/10

  5. 5. Bondi Ink  

    Premise: This TV series follows the day-to-day business at a tattoo shop on Bondi Beach, which is basically the Miami of Australia. 

    Scripted drama: 10/10 

    Accents: 10/10 

    Best episode: all 

  6. 6. Extreme Engagement 

    Premise: A recently engaged couple embarks on a one year trip around the world as they explore other cultures’ wedding customs, facing many survival-like challenges along the way. At the end they’ll decide if they still want to get married. 

    Scripted drama: 8/10 

    Accents: 3/10, the narrator sounds English 

    Favorite quote “Ugh, I guess that’s what I get for falling in love with a cross between Tarzan and Tarantino.”

  7. 7. Unveiled 

    Premise: Brides-to-be get plastic surgery before their big day where the final look will be revealed to her husband, family and friends. 

    Ridiculousness: 10/10 

    Awfulness: 10/10 

Unlike many American reality TV shows, I would consider the Australian shows listed above as highly educational. If you only watch one, watch Cheapest Weddings and drink every time they say budget.