Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Andy DeLuca

Rock photographer Andy DeLuca has made quite a name for himself in the last few years, and if you don’t know his name yet, you should. From touring with rock bands Wolf Alice and Made Violent, to creating the lyric video for pop artist Lauv’s “The Other” that has well over 1,000,000 views, co-directing the 5 Seconds of Summer video for “Valentine” with over 17,000,000 views and most recently touring with Australian Pop outfit 5 Seconds of Summer, Andy has quite the resume for someone so young with such a bright future and wide open path ahead of him. 


From the moment I first saw Andy’s photography, I was absolutely captivated. The playful, experimental nature of his photography was so mesmerizing; never before had photography resonated so deep in my soul, and I knew I had found my new favorite photographer. Since then, I have spent most of my free time endlessly scrolling through Andy’s collection and sharing it with anyone and everyone that will listen. 


Andy is an incredibly talented and inspiring photographer most well known for his use of vibrant colors and his ability to capture music through imagery. Recently, I had the honor of speaking to Andy about his career and motivation behind his work! Read on to see what Andy had to say about the 90s, “the moment” and fear of rejection. 

Me: (Talking about the unique posters Andy creates for each 5 Seconds of Summer show): What inspires you when you come up with these [posters] for each city?


Andy: I’m digging deep into my 90s obsession right now! 



Me: Can you describe that “moment” when you knew that photography was something you wanted to pursue? 


Andy: The “moment”. I was in my living room and I remember just standing there, having a serious thinking moment. People in my hometown were noticing my work and I remember thinking to myself “I never finish anything I start. Maybe it’s time to actually try at something. If I’m gonna do this photography thing then I’m gonna really do it. I won’t stop until I’ve reached the top, until I’ve actually made a real difference, there is literally nothing stopping me except me”. And in that moment I set long term goals for myself and eventually reached them. 



Me: If you could take your art in any direction without fear or failure or rejection, where do you think it would lead you?


Andy: I’m already creating without fear of failure or rejection. Rejection is a big part of it. I take all rejections as a sign from the universe as “that’s not the right way. Try another way.” 



Me: What do you think right before you press the button? 


Andy: Depends on what I’m shooting. I usually can feel the right photo happening before it happens. It’s an anticipatory feeling. Having a vision where the camera simply becomes the tool to bring it to life. 



Me: I know you said that you are diving into your 90s obsession as an inspiration for your photography right now, what led you to take a strong interest in 90s culture/vibe? 


Andy: I grew up in the 90s. I know it well. I’ve never delved into it with my art before and it fits with who I’m working with right now. Just having a lot of fun with it. 



Me: How did you break through into the photography business? What was your first big project? 


Andy: I’ve treated every project I’ve ever worked on as my biggest project. The artist I am now feels like the same artist who first picked up a camera. Still eager to learn, still excited to create. 


Me: What advice would you give to anyone that is interested in pursuing a career in photography or the arts? 


Andy: Best advice is to do it. I never imagined I’d ever be in the position I’m in, or even that I’d be a photographer. But the fact that I did it, rather than doubting myself, is the reason I’m here. Be a do-er. 



Andy DeLuca is currently busy on tour with 5 Seconds of Summer as they play alongside Lennon Stella and The Chainsmokers on the “World War Joy” tour, so I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to Andy for taking the time to answer all of my Instagram DM’s and thoughtfully respond to my questions! Thank you SO much Andy!  


For any readers interested in viewing more of Andy’s artwork and following his journey along this incredible path, follow him on Instagram: @andydeluca or Twitter: @shmandeluca