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Apps The Will Up Your Instagram Game

In an Insta-crazed world, editing your pictures so that they are #onpoint is an actual thing. These three awesome picture-editing apps are sure to take your instas to the next level and earn you some extra double-taps.


On this app, there are tons of fun filters that are different than the 25 available on Instagram.  Along with the variety of filters, you can add light leaks and dusty overlays to your pictures to give them a rustic look.  Afterlight also has basic editing options such as brightening, exposure, saturation, highlights, and shadow adjustments. It also allows you to crop or fade your photos into shapes and symbols.  So yes, you can crop your game day pictures into the shape of a W. 

Camp Randall Before Afterlight

Camp Randall After Afterlight


VSCOcam will give your insta-feed that “hipster vibe.” VSCOcam has 10 filters that will make your instas look vintage without looking over-edited. In addition to the 10 filters, the app has a library to store your pictures and basic editing adjustments. Another helpful feature on VSCOcam is that you can crop your picture into the perfect Instagram square. Get ready to post your best Terrace insta yet.

Terrace Before VSCOcam

Terrace After VSCOcam


We all know how annoying it is when you want to Instagram and your picture won’t fit or crop right into the size of the Instagram square. With InstaSize, there is no need to worry about awkward crop jobs anymore. This app allows you to size your picture how you want so it fits on Instagram. You have the option to make the borders of your photo different colors and patterns as well. Now your cliché insta of studying on Bascom Hill can be cropped exactly how you want it.

Bascom Before InstaSize

Bascom After InstaSize

Even though it seems silly, we can admit that getting a lot of likes on our instas is a pretty great accomplishment these days. Whether you use these apps together or separately, they will change your Instagram game for the better. 

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