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Androgynous Fashion – The Next Big Thing?


Androgynous fashion follows the ideas of androgyny, as defined as “the quality or state of being neither specifically feminine or masculine” (Merriam-Webster). In other words, it is a type of fashion that is “unisex” and avoids any notation of gender stereotypes. Traditionally with ties to the LGBT community, nowadays androgynous fashion is everywhere. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to see if you have any of these pieces in your closet that are considered androgynous. 

Converse or Vans

Most people that I know own at least one pair of either of these shoe brands. You may have noticed when you bought them that they are not marketed as men’s or women’s shoes, but rather as just shoes (i.e. they list both men’s and women’s sizes, or perhaps just men’s). It’s not just in recent years that these have become popular; these brands have been around for a long time using this unisex marketing approach. I distinctly remember wearing Converse even in my middle school years.

“Mom Jeans”

Despite the title “mom jeans,” these jeans are quite androgynous. One of the original brands that helped popularize this style of jeans was the revival of Levi’s classic 501 jeans, often times being bought at a thrift store — although they do sell them at Urban Outfitters, too. These classic jeans are technically men’s jeans, but you can find plenty of other people rocking this style as well. 


Yes, some flannels are cut differently and can be sold as women’s clothing. But the oversized flannel look is definitely in, and you can buy these in any section of stores. 

“Unisex” T-Shirts 

These types of t-shirts have been around for a long time — I’m sure somewhere in your closet you have some old t-shirt from a club you were in during high school. These loose-fitting tees definitely create the somewhat shapeless silhouette that androgynous fashion is known for. 

Hoodies and Jackets

A lot of hoodies are labeled as unisex. While many jackets may not do the same, they still usually offer an “oversized” look that does not denote a specific gender. 

Androgynous fashion has been rising in popularity lately and has made its way into many popular retailers, whether you’ve noticed or not. Whether that be because the younger generation is choosing to express themselves in a way that is not traditionally male and female or because androgynous fashion rebels against some other fashion norms like tight clothing (think the jegging) that have been popular, we don’t know. However, it seems this new “trend” is here to stay. 

If you have a few pieces here and there or choose to fully embrace the idea of androgynous fashion, have fun with it! Androgynous fashion may be just right for someone and totally not for someone else. Fashion is all about expressing yourself how you want to, and you shouldn’t feel the need to follow anything. Do what you want to do and wear what you want to wear!

Chloe Billstrom

Wisconsin '20

A junior studying Sociology, Spanish, and Global Health who also has a love for writing and languages.
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