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All The Things I Can Do With My English Degree

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wisconsin chapter.

I am tired of people thinking my degree is pointless, here’s how I prove them wrong

I have known I wanted to study English for quite a while. Storytelling has always been one of my favorite things in the world, and studying English would allow me to dive into stories everyday. So, it was settled: I would study English.

As much as I knew I wanted to be an English major, other people were not as excited as I was about this. The number one comment I have always gotten after telling someone what I’m studying is, “what are you going to do with an English degree?” Whether they were trying to be unkind in their question or not, the assumption that my degree won’t get me anywhere is incredibly frustrating. So, here are just a few of things my English degree could lead me to.

1. Teacher / Professor

The first thing that probably comes to people’s minds is teaching or continuing my studies to become a professor. These are both good options that an English degree is needed for. This is personally the route I plan to take.

2. Editor

There are various positions in editing, all of which are great for a fellow book lover. Being an editor would allow you to be on the inside of book-making. It also lets you be hands-on in the process. After all, you’re helping bring a story to life!

3. Communications position

Now this is a broad one. Communications is a vast field with many options, which is a huge perk for some people! There are so many ways you could go, and an English degree could help you get to any one of them. English gives you the skills to critically think about and communicate big ideas, just what a position in communications needs.

4. Lawyer

This one might be surprising to people, as many students looking to go to law school decide to study political science. However, an English degree can efficiently prepare you for law school. Reading, analyzing and forming an argument: these are all things you need for law school, and the basis of studying English.

5. Advertisement

Advertisement requires creativity, critical thinking and persuasiveness. Once again, all skills you gain from studying English. Being in advertising is also very broad, meaning there are endless possibilities for your career.

As irritating as people’s assumptions of my degree are, I’ve learned that it ultimately doesn’t matter what others think. I love books and storytelling, and I know that my degree will lead me exactly where I’m meant to be.

Mckenna Laurent

Wisconsin '25

Mckenna is a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is studying English literature. Along with being a section editor for Her Campus, she is a Senior Coordinator for the University Tutoring Service. Mckenna loves reading, baking, and watching New Girl!